Mobility Design

Interior office space at ROB

The current administration has mandated through Executive Order that the Federal Government reduce real estate costs by $8 billion. The Office of Planning and Design Quality (OPDQ) has taken the lead on assisting NCR’s federal customers in achieving this goal through the design and delivery of mobile workplace pilot projects. By exploring space saving practices through increase reliance on furniture and mobile technology, agencies are better poised to leverage their mobility as a way of saving on real estate costs and consolidating agency space from leases into owned assets.

Mobility is a concept that is based on shifting paradigms for how agencies conduct business. The new model is an approach to the workplace that maximizes the flexibility of managers and employees to work anytime, anywhere, and is not solely dependent on being in an office building to get work done. The following are principles that guide mobility in the workplace:

  • Technology-enabled workforce; less paper and files, more mobile technology/devices for collaboration and communication
  • Outdated notions about status, privacy, and space in the federal office environment and focus on shared resources/less individual ownership
  • Realities of space allocation are evaluated against how much/how often space is actually used…low occupancy rates
  • This new model of delivering space is driven by many factors that compete the need for space with known utilization rates and individual functions against overall agency mission and organizational values.

When an agency approaches GSA with interest in a new project, a design lead from OPDQ meets with the customer for an initial assessment to understand the requirements and services required including: programming, business case, change management, design, construction and IT/furniture procurement contracts. OPDQ partners with other NCR divisions to establish relationships that best support a customer’s portfolio driven priorities. Our ultimate goal is to drive down real estate costs for federal customers while helping them reach their potential to support mission critical functions by focusing on the human capital and reducing reliance on space. The following legislation are driving decisions, which, in conjunction with a 91% Federal Building Fund cut for new construction and 32% cut for renovations, drive the creation of mobile work environments:

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Last Reviewed: 2021-04-02