Federal Office Building (FOB) 8 Environmental Assessment

GSA proposes to implement exterior improvements at Federal Office Building (FOB) 8, located at 200 C Street, SW, Washington, DC. The purpose of the proposed action is to modernize the existing facade with additional areas of glazing, provide a security screening pavilion as a building addition, and transform a surface parking area into a public plaza. The project also proposes perimeter security primarily in public space surrounding the building. Currently the building is unoccupied and the interior has been demolished. The need for the proposed action is to provide the required level of security for the proposed tenant, the Architect of the Capitol.

GSA has finalized the Environmental Assessment (EA) for the project. The EA analyzes four alternatives, including a no action alternative for the proposed exterior improvement project. The three action alternatives each present different concepts for the location of perimeter security and the design of the plaza on the north side of the building. Each alternative has been analyzed for its impact on the natural and manmade environment.

Environmental Assessment Conclusion

A Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) was finalized on January 10, 2010. No substantial comments were received. An Environmental Impact Statement will not be prepared.

Action Selected for Implementation

GSA initially identified Alternative A as the preferred alternative. However, based on analysis provided within the EA and public comments received, GSA selected Alternative B, which provides protection to the building and results in lesser impacts to the human environment than Alternative A.

The following documents are available for download; please click on chapter name to begin downloading:

Name Format Size Publish Date
FOB8 Draft EA Chapters 1 and 2 [PDF - 677 KB] PDF 676k 8/5/2009
FOB8 Draft EA Chapter 3 [PDF - 6 MB] PDF 5.93m 8/5/2009
FOB8 Draft EA Chapters 4 and 5 [PDF - 440 KB] PDF 440k 8/5/2009
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