Urban Development/Good Neighbor Program

GSA's National Capital Region (NCR) Public Buildings Service (PBS) is responsible for satisfying the workspace needs of the federal community within the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area. Its commitment extends to local communities as well, through revitalization initiatives, collaboration with neighborhood, volunteer, and cultural groups, and by making our federal buildings and tenants integral parts of the community in which they are located.

The core mission of the Urban Development/Good Neighbor Program is to provide GSA regional offices, like the National Capital Region and their stakeholders, with the technical, training, and outreach resources needed to implement good neighbor principles in the business practices of the Public Buildings Service. Those principles are:

  • Locate new owned and leased federal facilities in places that support local plans;
  • Design new facilities to create outstanding federal workplaces and support neighborhood urban design goals;
  • Renovate existing federal properties to improve their public spaces, create positive first impressions, and encourage stakeholders to improve neighborhood conditions;
  • Manage federal properties to encourage public use and openness; and
  • Participate in neighborhood physical and management improvement efforts around federal properties.

Outside the agency, the program develops positive long-term partnerships with national constituent organizations and serves as an initial point of contact for citizens who wish to discuss a federal project or issue with GSA.

Last Reviewed: 2017-11-22