FAS Hosts Furniture For Schools Event

The National Capital Region (NCR) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) hosted a "Furniture For Schools" event at the Personal Property Warehouse in Springfield,

Three teachers pictured together at the FAS Warehouse

Virginia on February 28, 2018. Teachers from neighboring communities gathered at the warehouse to screen and pick out surplus supplies and furniture that is no longer needed by federal agencies.

Non profit organizations seeking property can avoid the cost of new procurements by acquiring the same or like items that have been reported as excess by another federal agency. When agencies move or renovate, they excess gently-used office furniture and electronics. These can be turned into donations that can benefit local public schools and other non profit organizations.

Rickey Parker, Manager for the Utilization and Donation Program for FAS, accompanied several teachers from local schools at the warehouse along with Denise Webster, Director, Office of Personal Property Management. Webster says, "today's event was a big success, providing local DC area schools the opportunity to tour GSA's Property Warehouse and acquire gently-used furniture items at no cost. Much like our Computers For Learning program, this enables schools to obtain free equipment to support local education programs, while reducing government waste."

The following employees also contributed to the success of the event:

  • Charles Robinson- Deputy Director: Office of Personal Property Management
  • Corlette Bumbrey- Manager: Sales Program
  • Peter Hamilton- Manager: Personal Property Center
  • Craig Ross- Property Disposal Specialist (Warehouse Manager)
  • Tamela Samuels- Property Disposal Specialist (Coordinator for the event)
  • Rickey Parker
  • Karen Somerville
  • Tracie Drayton
  • Priscilla Jacobs
  • Jacqueline Johnson
  • Reginald Groomes
  • Jeffrey Brawner
  • Marlo Williams
  • Virgil Holmes
  • John Jones
  • Carl Lawrence
  • Kevin Mills

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