Emergency Management

As security planning continues to be a national priority, agencies should always be prepared for the unforeseen. As part of a complete emergency plan, every agency must have a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) with an alternate work site designated.

During an emergency, such as a COOP event, NCR staff may need to relocate to one or more alternate locations, to include teleworking. Should a COOP emergency occur, GSA NCR staff can be reached at 866-619-0303 or via email at NCRCOOP@gsa.gov.

In an emergency, federal employees should follow their agency's emergency procedures and monitor media announcements to obtain disaster or emergency-related information. When necessary, GSA will publish emergency information to www.gsa.gov/emergency.

GSA's emergency management professionals are dedicated to providing an effective emergency management program. This team regularly reviews all aspects of emergency management and contingency plans, coordinates planned responses with local and national emergency response authorities, and is focused and prepared to deal with a variety of emergencies and disasters under a wide range of circumstances.

Last Reviewed: 2017-11-27