MRAS Webinars Show Industry How To Work Smarter Not Harder

MRAS with an eyeball

Since July 2020 hundreds of people gather to hear about a tool that the General Services Administration (GSA) has created in order to change the way private industry does business, and they keep showing up by the hundreds. For the past ten months a specialized team within the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), Market Research as a Service (MRAS), has had a virtual captive audience to teach how to execute more valuable market research. The monthly webinars, “Making Market Research Easy - Enhancing Industry Partnerships” bring private industry attendees together with GSA experts in order to provide tips and tricks for responding to Requests For Information (RFI). The most recent panel of experts included Procurement Technical Assistance Center representatives from the Small Business Administration and members from GSA’s Facilities team to discuss a current MRAS RFI.

“It’s the gift that keeps on giving.” “It made my life so much easier!” “MRAS helped me avoid doing it the way it’s always been done before.” These are direct quotes from Denise Lane Porter, a satisfied Department of Homeland Security customer.

These sessions are targeted toward industry, with the goal of raising awareness and encouraging participation in the MRAS RFI process. The topics discussed are designed to explain the tools GSA uses to support customers while providing insight on how to:

  • Help vendors compete in the federal marketplace.
  • Encourage participation in the MRAS RFI process.

The format of the webinar highlights the ease and value of using the MRAS tool as well as enhances engagement amongst the attendees who are both experienced and inexperienced with the MRAS journey. During these sessions the audience gets a deep dive into how the MRAS tool works and gets to ask questions in real time. The MRAS team keeps the process simple by asking specific questions with a purpose while taking into consideration how the data should be visualized. They use videos, demos, manuals, and more to help streamline the process and saturate the end result with valuable information.

Robin Zickgraf, FAS Program Analyst who helps execute the webinars says, “This webinar series is the most diverse as far as the conversation goes. We need industry to participate because when they do, we are able to fine tune and provide a better product as well as collect data to better present the concept to the public.”

Over the last three years the MRAS service has been successful through:

  • Serving all CFO Agencies, the Judiciary and Legislature
  • Assisting in the research of 1000+ unique projects
  • Helping agencies visualize the competition, including small business and socioeconomic categories, that they can expect if they use GSA’s acquisition vehicles.

Participants in these sessions will walk away with a better understanding of why GSA collects industry responses and how the data collected shapes future purchasing decisions. Ultimately this one hour webinar is an immediate added value tool at the participants disposal. A tool that saves time, provides a more detailed range of information, and allows industry to work more efficiently in order to get the results they need.

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Last Reviewed: 2021-06-10