Space Design and Development

Region 2 is uniquely positioned to help clients plan and design a work environment that supports mission-critical needs and meets agency requirements as part of GSA’s commitment to deliver a superior customer experience.

Here are just a few of the services GSA provides:

Center for Workplace Strategy

The Center for Workplace Strategy offers the Federal community specialized expertise and resources to optimize the utilization of space, people, and technology. This service offers customized solutions that Federal agencies often seek with a desire to reduce real estate costs, while increasing workplace efficiency. To find out more, please contact the Regional Chief Architect for Region 2.

Space Planning and Furniture

Region 2 space planners are committed to designing high quality spaces to meet agency needs and goals. GSA determines space efficiency and will generate Design Intent Drawings (DID) to illustrate demolition, floor plans, finishes, and electrical layouts. For additional information, please contact the Regional Chief Architect for Region 2.

FIT (Furniture + IT) Program

The FIT Program is a national initiative that integrates FAS and PBS resources into a new GSA service to help other federal agencies use their workspace more efficiently and effectively. The FIT program includes a series of requirements that must be achieved as part of the design and application process prior to receiving project approval and funding. GSA procures furniture (minimum $350k) and/ or IT (minimum $500k) through FAS for client agencies that are interested and meet project requirements. The client agencies pay GSA for FIT projects though an OA that is amortized over specified term period (3 years for IT and 5 years for furniture). At the end of the term, the client agency owns the FIT product. For additional details, please visit the Total Workplace FIT Program website.

Last Reviewed: 2023-02-10