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GSA Telepresence: Cost Effective, Sustainable

March 11, 2013

A Telepresence Meeting In Progress

GSA is offering a new, sustainable and cost effecting way to hold meetings with colleagues around the country - Telepresence.

Consider this scenario - The team enters the room and each person takes a seat around the table. They get to work discussing the business at hand and are talking, gesturing and sharing documents and presentations. All the team members are looking at and speaking with each other and the group, and fully engaged in the meeting.

It sounds like it could be a typical meeting in any conference room in any federal office around the country. The only difference is that the participants are actually located in several different cities. They are meeting through GSA Telepresence, an alternative to travel.

GSA Telepresence is a new way to hold meetings that is more efficient, effective and sustainable than long-distance travel. Telepresence takes video-conferencing to a whole new level. High-definition video and high fidelity audio allow the system to provide an immersive, true-to-life virtual meeting experience that accurately conveys tone, facial expressions and more. It enables participants to interact with colleagues across the country as if they were in the same room.

Telepresence is the right solution for your agency’s long-distance meeting needs.

GSA Telepresence is available in 14 federal buildings across the country. In the Northeast and Caribbean Region, Telepresence is available in the 6th floor conference facility at 26 Federal Plaza, New York City.

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