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Region 2 Facilities Again Earn Largest Demand Response Rebate

February 14, 2014

R2 Facilities Again Earn GSA Largest Demand Response Rebate
R2 Facilities Again Earn GSA Largest Demand Response Rebate

With the recent receipt of its latest Demand Response rebate check, this one in the amount of $291,047, GSA’s Northeast and Caribbean Region has again set a new record. Regional Administrator Denise Pease joined other members of the regional team to accept one of the largest Demand Response rebate checks for the summer period in GSA history, which brings the total of rebates the region has received through this program to more than $674,000.

“There are just so many benefits to the Demand Response program. Our federal facilities become even more sustainable as we help local areas avoid blackouts during peak use summer periods. As a further bonus, taxpayers benefit from the revenue earned and in how this revenue is then reinvested into our facilities in ways that will provide additional energy and water use efficiencies," said Denise L. Pease, GSA Northeast and Caribbean Regional Administrator. "President Barack Obama has made improving our nation's sustainability a key goal of his administration and GSA is committed to supporting this goal through a variety of initiatives involving our building operations, supply services, and fleet management for the government."

Since joining the Demand Response program in 2011, Region 2 has received several increasingly larger rebate checks from its energy curtailment services partner NuEnergen, LLC of White Plains, NY. These rebates reflect savings GSA earns by enrolling the federal facilities it manages in the New York Independent System Operator's Demand Response Program, and PJM Interconnection for facilities in New Jersey. Both are local energy load shedding programs. The program enables GSA property managers to reduce energy use at the enrolled buildings during peak high demand periods and help reduce the strain on the electric power grid.

Currently 19 federal buildings are enrolled from the metro-New York City area, upstate New York, and northern New Jersey (and more are expected to be added) for a current curtailment commitment level of 6,575KW. This commitment level is equivalent to providing enough electricity to power thousands of homes. As the program continues and more buildings are enrolled, the region anticipates receiving additional rebate checks.

Monies returned through this program to the government create a revenue stream GSA can use to fund future energy and water saving projects that will further benefit the taxpayer and the environment. Since its inception, Region 2 has been able to fund 22 energy and water projects totaling $935,580. By participating in this electric power grid reliability program, GSA is doing its part to help the local area avoid blackouts and reduce its carbon footprint.

The Demand Response payment of $291,240 for the 2013 NYISO summer period and the first half of the PJM year is one of the largest Demand Response rebate check ever received by GSA. The increasing rebate payments indicate that the region's property managers are becoming more skilled at implementing the demand response building protocols that were jointly developed with NuEnergen and the Energy Branch.

The region’s total earnings of $674,017, as result of participating in demand response programs operated by the NYISO and PJM grid operators, have been achieved without having to commit any capital or non capital funds.

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