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Portland and Seattle Federal Buildings Have a Starring Role in Saving Taxpayer Dollars

August 30, 2013

Release Date: August 30, 2013

Lights. Camera. Action! Federal buildings have played an important role as the backdrop to some of your favorite television shows and movies. The General Services Administration, which manages real estate for the federal government, is using creative approaches to reinvest in our nation’s infrastructure. Through our Outleasing Program, GSA allows television studios and major motion pictures to be filmed, for a fee, in our federal office buildings, historic landmarks, and land ports of entry. In the past three years, the program has raised more than $500,000 to reinvest into the nation’s historic properties through maintenance and renovation efforts.

Federal assets have been used for a number of popular films and TV shows around Portland, Oregon. TNT has filmed scenes from “Leverage” at the Gus J. Solomon Courthouse and the 511 Federal Building. NBC’s series “GRIMM” prominently featured the courtyard and interior portions of the formerly GSA owned U.S. Customs House Federal Building as the Portland Police station HQ. Season two starred scenes from the Historic Gus J. Solomon Courthouse and the 511 Federal Buildings. TNT’s new show "Bounty Hunter" starring Scott Backula and Geena Davis shot scenes in the Historic Gus Solomon and 511 Federal Buildings in March 2013.

Here’s how the program works. The film industry and the general public are able to use federal buildings through GSA’s Outleasing Program for federal space, which allows licenses for use of federal properties for a fee. Those who lease federal space pay for staff and utilities required, just as they would if leasing space from the private sector.

Next time you grab a bucket of popcorn to watch a motion picture, pay close attention, our nation’s federal buildings are probably playing a major role. GSA will continue to find creative ways to save taxpayer dollars by leveraging its federal assets.

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