Urban Development Program

In collaboration with RSM Design, the City of San Diego, and community members in San Ysidro, GSA's Urban Development Program is pleased to present the San Ysidro Signage Guidelines [PDF - 15 MB]. This document is intended to be used by the City of San Diego, MTS, various governmental agencies in Mexico, and any private owners of property adjacent to the LPOE as the basis of design for the implementation of a wayfinding signage program. This is one way that GSA is leveraging our project to support community goals.

The City of San Diego has received a Transnet Smart Growth Incentive Program (SGIP) Capital Grant from San Diego Area of Governments (SANDAG) to install wayfinding signs in the San Ysidro Port of Entry District. The wayfinding signs will be designed and constructed to help pedestrians and bicyclists navigate the Port of Entry area. The City of San Diego will construct the project through an innovative public-private partnership supporting at-risk youth in the Urban Corps of San Diego County’s workforce development program and intends to incorporate the San Ysidro Wayfinding Design Guidelines that GSA has produced.

For more information about GSA's Urban Development Program or the proposed San Ysidro Signage Guidelines, please contact David Leites.

For more information about the City's signage implementation project, please contact Bobby Mordenti, Associate Planner/Urban Designer with The City of San Diego by email or at 619-446-5064.

San Ysidro Signage Guidelines > [PDF - 15 MB]

Last Reviewed: 2022-09-09