San Ysidro LPOE Environmental Review

Environmental Impact Statements

A series of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) public hearings were held in 2009, and public comments were accepted and evaluated.

GSA then prepared an EIS and Record of Decision that were signed in September 2009 to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

GSA issued an Improvements Project Draft Supplemental EIS in 2013, and public comments were again accepted and evaluated. The draft analyzed the environmental impacts of the revised project, including proposed modifications to the number of vehicle lanes on the southbound roadway and a bi-directional pedestrian crossing facility on the west side of the port at Virginia Avenue, in addition to LPOE improvements previously analyzed in the project’s 2009 EIS.

A Supplemental EIS was posted to this page in May 2014, as well as a Record of Decision.

The Draft Supplemental EIS [PDF - 19 MB] addressed a project change regarding an area on the east side of the Land Port of Entry, referred to as the "Internacional Building." Comments on this Draft SEIS could be submitted through the 45-day comment period (ended November 9, 2018).

The Final Supplemental EIS is available here: San Ysidro Final SEIS [PDF - 28 MB]

Last Reviewed: 2022-11-28