The 5 Realign Project

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This project is complete.

Quick Facts

  • During this phase of construction, a portion of southbound Interstate 5 (I-5) will be realigned and expanded into the Mexico El Chaparral Port of Entry
  • Construction work on southbound I-5 began in mid-September 2017
  • Realignment will be completed in the summer of 2019
  • This phase expands the number of southbound vehicle inspection lanes from five to 10 within the Port, and from 10 to 19 at the El Chaparral border crossing
  • Improves the roadway alignment for vehicles entering Mexico
  • An additional eight 8 northbound vehicle inspection lanes with 15 additional inspection booths are also being constructed
  • All pedestrian facilities will remain open during construction

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Last Reviewed: 2020-01-21