The 5 Realign Project

Traffic Alerts

On Monday September 25, 2017 southbound Interstate 5 and Interstate 805 freeways at the San Ysidro Land Port of Entry were reopened, 12 hours ahead of schedule. The southbound freeways were closed south of the California State Route 905 freeway on September 23, 2017 to accommodate Phase 3 of GSA’s San Ysidro LPOE modernization and expansion project.

A total of four I-5 southbound freeway lanes, south of the Camino de la Plaza overpass, are open for vehicles traveling to Mexico. One lane will remain closed to facilitate the construction of the interim curve to El Chaparral and the additional Phase 3 permanent infrastructure. See the time-lapse video below to watch the entire weekend of successful construction.

Quick Facts

  • During this phase of construction, a portion of southbound Interstate 5 (I-5) will be realigned and expanded into the Mexico El Chaparral Port of Entry
  • Construction work on southbound I-5 began in mid-September 2017
  • Realignment will be completed in the summer of 2019
  • This phase expands the number of southbound vehicle inspection lanes from five to 10 within the Port, and from 10 to 19 at the El Chaparral border crossing
  • Improves the roadway alignment for vehicles entering Mexico
  • An additional eight 8 northbound vehicle inspection lanes with 15 additional inspection booths are also being constructed
  • All pedestrian facilities will remain open during construction

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