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All contracting offices are required to post upcoming contracting opportunities on the Forecast of Contracting Opportunities website. Opportunities are posted once the client has signed an interagency agreement with our office.

While the Forecast of Contracting Opportunities is a comprehensive list of upcoming contracting opportunities; we have received numerous requests for a quick reference list of upcoming projects that are NOT orders against existing single or multiple award BPAs/IDIQs, or direct 8(a) acquisitions. These orders are reflected in the snapshot below.

Opportunities Snapshot (as of 9/14/2021)

Description Listing ID Project Magnitude Estimated Solicitation Issuance Due Diligence Industry Day Projected Award
SF - SMC - PI STS-3 Special Programs Directorate Space Technical, Advisory, Research & Development Support Task ( STAR DST), El Segundo, CA


50.1M to 100M 09/01/2021 N/A N/A Q4FY21
DoD - OPA - PERSEREC IDIQ, Seaside, CA 25687 50.1M to 100M 09/20/2021 TBD N/A Q3FY21
SF - SMC - STS-3 - Independent Readiness Review Team (IRRT) 26010 20.1M to 50M TBD TBD TBD Q1FY22
SF - SMC- A&AS - PeopleOps/TM Support Contract 26011 10.1M to 20M 06/21/2021 NA NA Q3FY21
SF - SMC - SE&I - Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Support Services 26012 Over 100M 9/27/2021 TBD N/A Q1FY22
SF - SMC - STS-3 - PI Production Corps-Engineering, El Segundo, CA 26062 20.1M to 50M 9/20/2021 TBD TBD Q1FY22
SF - SMC-STS-3 - PI- Enterprise Corps Task Order 3 Sustainment & Engineering Support 26063 10.1M to 20M TBD TBD TBD Q4FY21
DoD DHRA DMDC Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework Services 26066 50.1M to 100M 08/16/2021 N/A N/A Q4FY21
SF - SMC - STS-3 - PI- Production Corps-Cyber 26099 20.1M to 50M TBD TBD TBD Q1FY22
DoD DHRA DMDC Cyber Support Services 26384 50.1M to 100M 8/25/2021 TBD TBD Q4FY21
SF- SMC - A&AS - Narrowband Satellite Program Management Support Services 26475 20.1M to 50M TBD 07/26/21 TBD Q2FY22
Camp Parks Communications Annex 26933 10.1M to 20M TBD TBD TBD Q2FY22
SF- SMC - Mobile User Objective System Engineering (MUOS) Support Services 26942 50.1M to 100M 1/11/22 TBD TBD Q3FY22
STS-3 Production Corps System Engineering Support 27030 10.1M to 20M 8/24/2021 TBD TBD Q1FY22
SSC Enterprise Mission Assurance Team Support 29382 50.1M to 100M 11/01/2021 TBD TBD Q3FY22
Pacific Air Forces C5ISR- FY 22 Follow On 29386 Over 100M 11/12/2021 10/08/2021 10/07/2021 Q2FY22

Note: All industry days and due diligence sessions will be held virtually unless otherwise specified in the solicitation.

Forecast data is for planning purposes only and is not a commitment by the Government to purchase the described products and/or services. Address questions regarding a planned procurement to the point of contact listed in the record.

For assistance with doing business with GSA, find your Small Business Support Specialist.

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R9 AAS Events Calendar

Our attendance at external conferences & events has been postponed indefinitely due to the current worldwide COVID 19 Pandemic. Watch here for future updates as world events change. Virtual events will also be posted here.

Industry Capability Briefings

Our regional AAS program is committed to maintaining strong Industry partnerships.

To schedule a capability briefing with our office, contact us! Time slots are available on Tuesdays from 2:30-3:30 p.m. PT and Thursdays from 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. PT. No capability briefings will be scheduled during Jul - Oct of each fiscal year given mission demands, nor the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years. A meeting confirmation will be provided by our office in response.

Project Referrals

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As a routine course of events, our office receives project referrals (or leads) about potential Federal agencies needing assisted acquisition services for projects located throughout the Pacific Rim geographic footprint. Sometimes these leads come from other Government agencies, sometimes they come from Industry, sometimes they come from internal GSA sources. We want to Thank You and extend our appreciation for your project referral!

Regardless of the source, we carefully balance the flow of information to promote strong Government/Industry relationships and a strong competitive marketplace while avoiding even the perception of impropriety or favoritism.

Our team is committed to offering the same project referral meeting opportunities to every Industry partner. Contact us to request a meeting today!

  • Upon receipt of a request, a member of our leadership team will routinely contact the Industry point of contact to verify the referral information, location, and type of work prior to scheduling the meeting to ensure any meetings are as effective as possible for both parties.
    • Referral meetings are only scheduled for clients/projects in the Pacific Rim geographic footprint.
    • For projects outside the Pacific Rim geographic footprint, check out our AAS PMO CSC map or contact our GSA AAS PMO Team!
  • Meetings are scheduled on routine workdays, during routine work hours PT, excluding Federal Holidays.
  • Given the geographic disbursement of our team, meetings are typically conducted virtually using Google Meet meeting forums, but dial in numbers are available for our industry partners who cannot utilize Google Meet.
  • If requested by the Industry partner, a client introduction call may be scheduled for the Industry partner to introduce the R9 AAS leadership team to the client organization. After the general introduction, a subsequent call will be scheduled with the potential client to outline potential solutions. No Industry partners participate in these follow-up client engagements.

Again, we thank you for considering our PACRIM team and look forward to hearing from you!

Contact us today!

Last Reviewed: 2021-09-22