2018 DFC Projects

2018 was a busy year and many projects and updates around our campus helped improve the DFC community.

The Building 85 Project converted an outdated 1970's office layout into a modern, inviting, and bright office floor plan. The project realigned building elements to create a more efficient use of space, consolidated support spaces (storage printer/copy/mail), library, file room) and eliminated dead-ends by providing more open space, collaboration areas, and by providing digital and signage way-finding throughout.

DFC Building 85 natural light
  • Natural Light: prior to the renovation, access to daylight was limited to offices and conference rooms. Post renovation, these space types were placed interior to the building footprint, providing natural daylight to all. Additionally, new floor to ceiling windows were strategically placed in multiple locations.
Building 85 renovation orange cubes
  • Amenities were significantly increased and dispersed throughout the space including collaboration areas, meetings spaces with state-of-the-art audio visual systems and technologies, phone booths, walk stations, health rooms, break rooms all in an effort to create a healthy and sustainable workspace.
  • A flexible lighting control system with LED lighting as implemented to provide building management opportunities to adjust light levels on a zone level to meet end-user desired light levels.
  • Partnering: After construction award, ONRR was relocated from Building 85 into temporary swing space including co-locating into Building 41 with Region 8 GSA. Both ONRR leadership and employees were able to experience working and living in space that was recently designed based on the GSA total workplace guiding principles. After a couple months, the feedback ONRR leadership received was positive. Employees did not feel the open collaborative areas created disruption, rather it increased the sharing of work ideas, promoted free communication across business lines and workplace connectivity. Due to the positive feedback, ONRR reevaluated some of the office layout and implemented workplace strategies, environments and architectural finishes Region 8 implemented in Building 41.

DFC Building 67 Renovation

The Building 67 Consolidation Project will meet GSA’s Design Excellence criteria to create a space program and work environment that provides a functional and flexible workspace while enhancing collaboration, productivity, and communication. This design-build project is approximately 85% complete, with five out of the nine floors already complete and occupied. This project will be substantially complete in April 2019.

BOR DFC Building 67 Photo Wall

The Bureau of Reclamation will free up 87,341 usf in Building 56 and Building 67 to achieve an all-in overall utilization rate of 165 sq.ft. per person, which exceeds DOI’s 180 sq.ft. target. The total space renovated by this project is approximately 180,000 sq ft. This project plays a very critical role in the success of DOI’s long term space strategy at the DFC.

Gate 1 Security: GSA initiated a project to remove three small sections of the hedgerows. This will provide better visual perspectives for security guards and for safety at the southbound Kipling to the Gate 1 entrance. GSA incorporated three small patches of low grow plants with mulch beds for visual appeal.

New Signage was installed at all of the gate entry booths displaying Federal Regulations for the prohibition of firearm on a federal facility. Tenants are encouraged to review the policy to ensure compliance with the terms of it. The new signage is presented on the incoming side of the guard booths in larger print and clearly states the policy for both federal workers on the facility as well as any guests entering the facility.

Image of DFC Electric Vehicle Charging Station

22 Fully Functional Electric Vehicle Charging Stations available for DFC employees.

Station Locations

  • Building 810
  • Building 53
  • Building 25
  • Building 20
  • Under or beside the solar array covered parking areas

A Fix-It Station was installed at the DFC Wellness Center (Building 75 (7th and Center Ave.)) The Fix-It Station includes a set of tools for basic bike repairs for changing a flat tire and adjusting brakes. It also includes a bike hanger for easy adjusting and an air pump for inflating tires. It’s attached by stainless steel cables and tamper proof fasteners.

A Tree Planting Project is an effort to get ahead of the certain loss of trees. GSA will plant several varieties of trees over the next two years. Trees will be planted close to our ash trees to maintain a healthy ecosystem as well as a visual appeal.

Gate 2 reopened with road improvements and a new guard shack. The installation of the new guard shack now makes the gate operational and will divert truck traffic that had been going into Gate 1 to the improved Gate 2. Impact will be minimal and may slow traffic for up to 10 minutes at a time coming in and leaving through that gate.

A Pedestrian Walkway was installed near the Gate 5 entrance to the parking lot for Building 85. This new concrete pathway was finished in late summer and helps employees who ride the bus or use the light rail get to buildings 85, 85A and 67 safely. Lights for the path are still under construction but will not impact walkway use while being installed.

Downing Reservoir Fall 2017

Downing Reservoir Project was completed after more than two years, removing more than 340,000 tons of contaminated soil and doubling the size of the original reservoir. The new reservoir has increased in size from 4.5 acres to its current size of 9 acres and can hold approximately 12 million gallons of water. The completion of this project allows the Denver Federal Center (DFC) to reclaim the water rights of the reservoir and use it for irrigating the landscaping.

Last Reviewed: 2020-09-17