2019 DFC Hot Topics and Updates

  • A New O&M Contract for DFC Team West started January 1 and covers Buildings 56, 67, 75, 85, 85A, 810 (approx 1.5 million sq ft). As you can imagine, starting a new contract can be stressful for anyone, but starting a new contract during the middle of a furlough...new level! All told, it has gone very well and GSA is happy to be working with our new partners as we move forward.

  • The New DFC Landscape Company, Global Management Services (GMS) started December 1. GMS is a subsidiary of Bering Straits Native Corporation, a large firm that has been in business since 1972. They have over 20 subsidiaries and have contracts serving DHS, DOD, GSA, and many others globally. Many of the former Davey Tree employees have joined the GMS team so, although there may be slight issues during the transition, they should be minimal.

  • Downing Reservoir now has picnic tables and a shade structure on the peninsula. Please be safe if you go on the peninsula. There is also a walking path around the reservoir. We know it might be cold now, but warm weather will be here soon and we encourage you to walk around the reservoir. Please note safety signs.

  • Bcycle is now DFCycle. Not only has the name of our bike share program changed, but sometime this year, the DFCycle kiosks will lose the need for card access and will be replaced with manual buttons for removing and installing bikes at kiosks. Please remember the bikes are for on-campus use only. The point of contact for DFCycle is the DFC Roads & Grounds Team at 720.625.1321 or 720.503.2201.
Last Reviewed: 2019-03-13