DFC Building 48

This is a rendering of what will become the inside of B48 after the modernization project is complete

Project Overview

The Building 48 Modernization Project will convert a 150,000 sf WWII Munitions Plant and most recently a National Archives and Records Administration warehouse which has sat vacant on the Denver Federal Center since 2013 into a highly efficient, modern work environment for DOI's Interior Business Center (IBC). This project will allow IBC to shed three (3) large private market leases, and consolidate into a single federally owned asset, saving the taxpayer nearly $6,000,000 annually.

Project Design
The project's design will build on the warehouse's inherent and compelling interior attributes while also introducing an abundance of natural daylight into the structure; installing high performing building systems; creating unique, modern, and efficient office space for the IBC; and connecting the structure's architectural relationship to the campus and IBC’s mission.

Project Goals

  • Achieve the status of a high-performance green building.
  • Provide a high-performance workplace that enhances all human factors including: health, functional efficiency, productivity, space flexibility, air quality, and comfort in thermal, acoustic and visual perspectives and utilizing natural light.
  • Utilize design, construction, and operational excellence practices to design and construct an office space of outstanding quality and value.
  • Provide a public entryway, usable outdoor space for employees, and natural daylight throughout the building, including the lower story.
  • Modernize and transform the building from its current state to a modern office building meeting IBC’s program needs and intent for employee expansion.


  • Leased Cost Avoidance & Annual Taxpayer Savings: LCA: $17M+ . Nearly $6M annually in taxpayer savings.
  • Energy & Sustainability: The project will pursue LEED Gold & SITES Silver and is designing for Net Zero Energy and Net Zero Carbon, allowing the building to be operated 100% by renewable energy and making it a zero emissions structure.
  • Adaptive Reuse: Through this warehouse conversion, GSA will reactivate a vacant, federally owned structure which will now contribute to the Federal Buildings Fund.
  • Customer Business Improvement: Co-location into a modern, advanced work environment that will adapt as IBC’s business continues to advance.

Sustainability and Energy Goals

  • LEED v4 Gold Certification
  • SITES Silver Certification
  • Net Zero Carbon On-Site
  • Net Zero Energy
  • Guiding Principles (GPC)
  • Natural Daylighting Strategies
  • Circadian Rhythm

Click here to view The Story of Building 48 Video.

Last Reviewed: 2022-03-15