DFC Building 67

DFC Building 67 exterior photoBuilt in 1967, this high rise concrete building has 14 floors, a penthouse, and spectacular views of the Denver skyline and the Rocky Mountains for its 1,200 occupants. The entire building comprises 372,000 square feet, which consists of office space surrounding the elevator lobby and core area.

Vacant Space
Agencies interested in available space on the Denver Federal Center should contact the DFC realty manager.

Maintenance Issues
To report a building maintenance issue, please contact the Rocky Mountain Call Center using the contact information in the upper right section of this page.


  • Full-service cafeteria
  • Credit Union of Denver
  • ATM
  • Regional Transportation District (RTD) kiosk
  • Post Office services
  • 917 outdoor parking spaces

Exterior photo of the DFC 67 building in Denver

Building 67 was originally designed and constructed as an extension to DFC Building 56 in support of its largest tenant, the Bureau of Reclamation. Today, Building 67’s major federal tenants include the Social Security Administration, Minerals Management Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, US Department of Agriculture, GSA Office of Inspector General and GSA Field Office operations.

Last Reviewed: 2023-02-13