DFC Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I tour the DFC?
A: We love to share the great work happening here at the DFC, however we don’t have a tour guide. For that reason, tours are case by case. The DFC is open to public during normal business hour with a valid I.D. A great time to visit is during our community farmers market, which runs June - September on Thursdays from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Q: How does snow removal work at the DFC?
A: During a snow event, the top priorities for the DFC are the main thoroughfares, Main, Center and North Avenues. These streets are the key life lines to all the buildings on center. Once these streets are cleared, the contractor will focus on the facilities operating 24/7 to include their associated parking lots and sidewalks. These are considered Priority 1 assets. During normal business days, the Child/Daycare Center is added as a Priority 1B asset. Once all these areas are cleared, the team will focus on all the other facilities/buildings on the DFC, to include the remaining parking lots and entry sidewalks from the parking lots to building entrances.

There are typically six snow removal teams working at one time. Two teams focus on Priority 1 assets, while the other four are constantly moving around the entire campus over a one hour period. The contractor will start this process before snow falls, monitoring the weather and preparing the equipment. When the snow accumulates to approximately 1/4", the contractor will initiate the plan and begin clearing the snow and ice. Of course, the plan depends on the amount of snow falling within an hour, as well as winds and temperatures at that time and will be adjusted accordingly. Once all areas have been cleared, they will start over beginning with the top priorities downward until it stops snowing and/or all snow is cleared.

The existing plan is for the contractor to work in shifts beginning as early as midnight, then 2:00 am, then 4:00 am. There is no possible way to keep every parking lot and sidewalk perfectly clear during a snow and/or ice event. GSA and the contractor will work together to ensure the plan is implemented efficiently and effectively. We hope to provide our customers with a better understanding of what is involved with the implementation of the plan and develop reasonable expectations for snow/ice mitigation during a weather event.

Please keep in mind, if an area is missed or needs attention, tenants can place a work order to get that specific area addressed. The contractor will do their best to complete those requested areas in a timely manner.

Colorado is known for its sudden and unpredictable weather events. GSA and the contractor work together to fulfill our responsibilities during these events. We encourage you all to stay prepared and trust that we are working hard to provide the best service possible.

Q: When is the DFC Closed Due to Weather?
A: The DFC is never fully closed. The determination to close offices and buildings is determined agency by agency. For information about the current conditions at the DFC call the snowline at 303-236-3300.

Q: Are there any jobs at the DFC?
A: GSA is currently hiring for property managers, project managers, contracting officers and leasing specialist. All job announcements are posted on USAjobs. Be sure to create a profile, so you can receive updates on current openings.

Last Reviewed: 2020-03-25