Keith Beach Retires

After 36 years of protecting federal buildings and its employees, Keith Beach, Federal Protective Service, Area Commander retired on January 3, 2019.

When asked how he felt about his retirement, Keith said “it feels good.” Keith always knew he wanted to be in law enforcement. When he was a child, his favorite game was cops and robbers and he dreamed of being an officer at Packers games so he could “get paid to watch the games.”

Keith Beach Promotion

Well, that dream may not have come true but that doesn’t discount Keith’s career in law enforcement that started right after college at SUNY College in Utica, NY. Keith “packed up his life” and headed west for a 16-week internship with Boulder Police Department and… he never left. After that internship, Keith headed to federal police academy and was hired at the Denver Federal Center (DFC) in December, 1982. He left the DFC to work at DOD in April 1984 and he worked there until DOD closed which is when Keith returned to the DFC in 1996 and has been here ever since.

Keith credits his return to the DFC and gives this piece of advice “don’t burn bridges.” He feels he was able to return to the DFC and have the career he’s had because of his business relationships. Additionally, Keith says “be flexible. In life, you’re a member. You get a vote, but you may not get your way. You have to move forward to achieve the mission.”

Keith’s memory is impeccable. When asked how he’s able to remember dates and details so well, he chuckled and said “it’s my life.” And, what a life it is!

Keith Beach in Puerto Rico

During his career, Keith has not only protected the Denver area, he’s also been called to protect throughout the U.S. and world. Keith went to Puerto Rico in November 1998 for Hurricane George and he worked as security and police protection for FEMA. In August 2005, Keith volunteered for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts and he was in NOLA for three weeks. He helped NOLA police officers and rode along with them while stationed and patrolling at a temporary morgue.

Keith Beach NYC wearing a gas mask

Additionally, Keith traveled to NYC in July 2001 to assist with foot patrol at the federal courthouse during terrorist trials. He was in NYC for one month and was called back on 9/16/11 after 9/11. Keith worked the night shift protecting federal buildings and this time, he was in NYC for 36 days.

Keith is most proud of his recent work in modifying and implementing Active Shooter Training government-wide. To date, approximately 50 agencies have participated in this training. Keith feels this training will be his legacy because it has impacted more people than anything else he’s ever done.

In retirement, Keith hopes to travel around the U.S, Canada, Alaska as well as hike and do some photography. He is also interested in working as an usher at Coors Field or Pepsi Center, a Marshal at a golf course or consulting on Active Shooter training.

Keith was full of emotion during his retirement celebration on December 6, 2018. He shared some of his favorite memories, stating the people are what have made his career so memorable. Many former FPS employees, former DOD Police coworkers and Keith's family members were in attendance. The celebration and turnout is a testament to the impact Keith has had on the federal community and his peers.

Congratulations, Keith and thank you for your service and protection over the years!

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