What Type of Training Does FPS Offer?

FPS provides:

  • Active Shooter Awareness
  • Crime Prevention
  • Workplace Violence
  • Suspicious package recognition training

These are generally one-hour sessions. We encourage each agency to have these types of classes annually.

In 2014, FPS partnered with the US Forest Service to conduct an initial Active Shooter Exercise and invited the Lakewood Police to participate.

  • Active Shooter Training consists of a drill involving a role play shooter who shoots blank rounds to enable the employees to hear what a gunshot in their building could sound like. Employees are given a preparation class within a week of the exercise to set boundaries.
  • FPS teaches three options in an Active Shooter scenario, RUN, HIDE, or FIGHT. In the exercise there are only two options for safety of all involved and that is to RUN or HIDE. Since the initial exercise, FPS has conducted more exercises.
  • All of these exercises include an after action with the employees and it is great to hear the impact the exercise has had on each of them. Some employees do both the RUN and HIDE as they try to escape and learn the shooter is between them and the exit door and find another place to hide.
  • Many local authorities and federal agencies have partnered with FPS to conduct active shooter trainings, including, Lakewood Police, Wheatridge Police, Jefferson County Sheriff, Colorado State Patrol, Brighton Police, Aurora Police, Arapahoe County Sheriff, Englewood Police, Greenwood Village Police, US Marshals, GSA OIG, HUD OIG, SSA OIG, IRS OIG.
  • Additionally, employees volunteer to be victims and this is a vital role to make this exercise work. Their role is to distract the employees trying to get out and distract the law enforcement that is coming in to find the shooter. They have all done a fabulous job in their role!
  • Fire departments also participate and practice rescuing the victims, including West Metro Fire and Rescue, Golden Fire Department, Aurora Fire and Rescue, AMR ambulance staff, and Stadium Ambulance staff. It is great for all of us to work together and build rapport.
  • This training empowers employees in and outside of the workplace; wherever they conduct their daily life. They may be the only person who has been through training and may save other’s lives if an event happens.
Last Reviewed: 2018-09-20