Requirements for Leaving Privately Owned Vehicles at the DFC

Please click here to view the Request Form for Overnight Parking at DFC [PDF - 141 KB].


The General Services Administration (GSA), in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Protective Service (FPS), on the Denver Federal Center (DFC) in Lakewood, CO, is issuing local requirements for advanced approval to park privately owned vehicles on the DFC outside of regular working hours for federal agencies and their employees (specifically, holidays, after-hours, and/or weekends). These requirements are being issued for the purpose of promoting safety, orderly conduct of operations, and accountability for the parking of privately owned vehicles anywhere on DFC property.


All motorized vehicles are prohibited from parking on federal property without a permit. Parking without authority, parking in unauthorized locations, or in locations reserved for other persons, or parking contrary to the direction of posted signs, is prohibited. Vehicles parked in violation are subject to removal at the owner’s risk and expense.

Prior approval to park privately owned vehicles on the DFC must be obtained from the GSA Building Manager. All requests must be submitted in writing, to the GSA Building Manager, on the “Request to Leave Privately Owned Vehicle at the Denver Federal Center” permit form.

Once the request has been approved, the GSA Building Manager will share the approved permit with the Federal Protective Service (FPS). All approved permits MUST be displayed, at all times, on the left side of the vehicle dashboard (information facing up), while parked on the DFC.


  1. Parking permit must be properly displayed in plain, full view, numbers clearly visible, according to instructions on the permit.
  2. Parking permits are rendered invalid when not approved by the GSA Building Manager, are being used by someone other than the requestor, and/or are displayed within a vehicle not listed on the permit.
  3. Holder of the approved permit MUST park in designated parking stall/space, unless special arrangements have been made with the GSA Building Manager prior to leaving the vehicle. GSA requests that vehicles be parked near or around Government Owned Vehicles and/or at the edge of parking lots to assist with snow removal in the winter months.
  4. Do not park, at any time, at marked yellow curb, red curb, and/or marked "NO PARKING" areas.
  5. Do not park, at any time, in a designated or marked “ASSIGNED PARKING” area, unless authorized.
  6. Do not park, at any time, in a space or area designated “Handicapped Parking” without appropriate DMV issued placard or DMV issued disabled license plate.
  7. Do not park, at any time, within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant or blocking a fire lane.
  8. Do not park, at any time, beyond the time limit specified and approved on the permit, unless additional approval is secured for extenuating circumstances.
  9. All vehicles being left on federal property MUST display a valid DMV registration. Registration tags MUST NOT be expired.
  10. Any vehicle left parked on the DFC shall be left solely at the risk of the owner. The U.S. Government is not responsible for safeguarding or protecting the motor vehicle or its contents and accepts no responsibility for damage to or theft of any motor vehicle or its contents while parked on the DFC.
  11. Any vehicle that is not in operable condition or is stored without the expressed written permission of the GSA Building Manager may be considered abandoned and removed from the property at the owner’s expense.

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Last Reviewed: 2023-02-02