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Denver Federal Center Farmers Market

June 14, 2012

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The sounds of summer come in the form of a Farmer's Market at the Denver Federal Center. It's a wonderful environment, I love to see everybody happy, getting out of their cubes, moving around and having people from the community come in and just see what the federal center has to offer. This is the third year the Denver Federal Center has offered the Farmer's Market to both federal center employees and the public. Over 40 different vendors offering everything from fresh produce, to organic nick knacks and numerous lunch options! Our restaurant is right down the street and we offer probably the best pork you've ever had in your life. Not to mention it's very authentic cuban food. We bake our own bread, we bake all our pastries in-house, and we've had nothing but great reviews. We have 10 different salsas, three different types of pickles, and about 15 different jams, jellies, and butters we actually rotate. So every week, there's 3 different. And we also offer this year, fresh hummus tapenade and a pasta pesto cooking sauces and grapeseed oils and we also have other foods that people can put together. But everything is all natural There's no preservatives no additives, no MSG in anything. It's just a wonderful product that makes you look brilliant with hardly any effort. The Market is held rain or shine at Bicentennial Park on Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. It features easy access for the public, free parking, shade, bike racks, and picnic benches. We're optimistic that this offering will better connect the federal and local community, encourage a healthy lifestyle and promote small businesses. I think it's a wonderful chance for GSA to provide local products in a weekday farmers market. Not only to the 6200 people working on the Denver Federal Center and surrounding the campus, but also to the local community. Not only do the customers appreciate the market, the vendors love the people, the atmosphere and the partnership with the Denver Federal Center. Awesome, it's been amazing. Actually, I've worked in other farmers markets and I've chosen only to work this one, because it is such an easy relationship. The people that come to our booths, they're always pleasant, they always enjoy being here, and the people who run this market are just fantastic. The DFC Farmers Market runs through early fall. Be sure to stop by and sample some local cuisine and wares at this wonderful location. I think it's very beneficial to have the farmers market for the employees out here as well as the surrounding community because it allows people to get up, move around, have fresh food options. It allows people out in the sunshine and sunshine does everybody good.

Third Annual Lakewood Weekday Farmers Market Kicks Off Today

Good for the economy – Good for your health – Good for Lakewood

June 14, 2012

GSA contact: Sally Mayberry 303-236-2583

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Think of beautiful spring produce, fresh baked goods, fresh lunch options, and get them all in one of the safest and vibrant public spaces. Now combine all of that with Colorado sunshine and free parking. All of this and more will be available at the Denver Federal Center farmers market. The third annual weekday farmers market which will be held at Bicentennial Park located inside the Denver Federal Center in Lakewood, CO. It will feature easy access for the public, amenities such as free parking, shade, landscaping, open-air pavilions, bike racks, and picnic benches. The market will be open rain or shine, every Thursday starting June 14, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. until early fall.

“We’re happy that the Denver Federal Center is a place where GSA can support America’s rural livelihood, strengthen communities, and stimulate the local economy,” said Susan Damour, GSA Rocky Mountain Regional Administrator. “It gives the federal government a terrific way to create connections that we hope will create a lively market exchange.”

This year, more than 40 vendors will tantalize your senses with local farm-fresh produce, meats, cheeses, baked goods and other specialty foods. For a complete list of vendors, go to

Remember to bring cash and checks to the market (some vendors may accept credit cards). Visitors are welcome and can access the market at Gate 1, located at 6th and Kipling, and Gate 4, located at Union and 4th Avenue, or Gate 5 located at Union Blvd and 2nd Street. Visitors should be prepared to present a valid driver’s license upon entry. Please keep your furry friends home, pets are not allowed on the campus. Market details, including a map, are available at, or contact Lauren Pittenger at 303-236-2836 or

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