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GSA Driving Towards A More Energy Efficient Federal Fleet

May 21, 2015

Sign with the word alternative fuel on it

Have you noticed a change in the type of government vehicles you see on the roads? Today’s options of Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs) are vast and GSA is helping its federal customers gain easier access to making smarter vehicle choices. By increasing the use of alternative fuels and vehicles, GSA helps with an annual average of 20% reduction in miles per gallon that results in fuel economy savings and a cleaner environment.

Sustainable Vehicle Purchases: The Rocky Mountain Region program has built an 11,500 vehicle fleet consisting of 70% AFVs. The program’s inventory consists of 215 different types of AFVs driven by 35 federal agency customers who are committed to sustainable. Through national initiatives, more than 200 new vehicles were purchased in FY14 that were:

  • Plug-In Hybrid Electric
  • Hybrid Electric
  • Or CNG vehicles

These initiatives and others have helped lower the total cost to lease, as well as the cost of ownership when Fleet allowed agencies to trade in agency-owned sedans and trucks for leased hybrids. The national initiatives compliment the annual Rocky Mountain Region vehicle procurement program which consists of 80% AFVs, on a 2,000 vehicle procurement.

New Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Tool: GSA’s Motor Vehicle Management implemented a brand new 2014 Alternative Fuel Vehicle Tool which, for the first time, is a complete acquisition/decision tool needed to right-size and optimize agency fleets. The tool helps customers compare models and find the vehicle they need taking fuel, availability, CO2 grams per mile, size and price into account. The tool also provides overall greenhouse gas emissions saved for each hypothetical acquisition, providing customers with a full picture of the acquisition’s environmental impact. In FY15, MVM is offering training and conducting customer user interviews to identify future enhancements to the tool based on customer feedback.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Pilot: MVM collaborated with 21 customer agencies to incorporate over 300 Electric Vehicles (EVs) into the federal fleet and 169 charging stations by FY14. Agencies received a mix of Ford CMAX Energi Plug-ins, Chevy Volt Plug-ins, and Ford Focus BEVs. The Rocky Mountain Region received six of those EVs with five agencies. In FY15, MVM is working with the GSA Fleet credit card vendor (WEX) and the charging station vendor (ChargePoint) to obtain WEX card acceptance at all pilot stations. WEX acceptance will allow for the automatic transfer of vehicle level charging data from the charging station to GSA Fleet’s information management system.

These are just a few of the many ways GSA is working to promote energy efficiency in the federal fleet.

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