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Outdoor Fun With DFC Organized Sports

May 21, 2015

Photo of the champion 2014 DFC kickball team

When someone hears the word “kickball” they may instantly be taken back to their childhood:

  • The laugh of children
  • The smell of grass
  • The bright, warm sun
  • Enjoying recess
  • Rounding the bases as your opponent tries to hit you with the big, bright, red ball!

It’s only when we get older do we start to appreciate our childhood and the innocence of those days.

Six years ago, a small group of people decided to stop reminiscing and instead, relive them; only this time with an adult twist…and thus the Denver Federal Center Kickball League was born. The kickball league is held every June – August on the Denver Federal Center softball fields near Gate Seven on Thursday evenings after work.

You may wonder what makes the league unique? Imagine this: It’s a beautiful summer evening, 78 degrees and sunny, with a slight breeze. Then you see it, the big, bright, red-ball from your youth. You pick it up and it’s as bouncy as you remember. Soon you are up to bat – smack! Your foot makes great contact with the ball and it zips over the shortstop’s head into left field. You run hard to first base, but wait, the ball gets past the left-fielder and is rolling towards the fence. You see the miscue and put on the jets, you are going to make it to third, maybe home! As you approach third base your heart is beating hard, your adrenaline pumping, your lungs gasping for air. The left-fielder throws with all their might to get the ball back into the infield but you think you have a shot to make it home so you dig deep for that last 60 feet. It’s going to be close at the plate and just before you cross the line to secure your hard-earned score, BAM, that big, bright, red-ball smacks you straight in the back of your thigh. YOU’RE OUT! You breathe heavily and your team cheers you on for almost getting a home run. You head back to the bench for a much needed rest and a sip of some ice-cold beer. This is the DFC Kickball League.

There are umpires and eight to ten full teams with 10-15 people on each team. Teams enjoy camaraderie, competition, and they-mail our commissioner James Smith at (DFC_Kickball).

Join Our Federal Employee Coed or Men's Softball League

Image of people playing outfield in a softball game

Although this softball season got off to a soggy start, Colorado never disappoints in delivering the sunshine. The action takes place at the softball fields located near the North Gate of the campus. Teams are made up of various government agencies making it easy to meet your neighbors while getting some great exercise and enjoying the outdoors. Monday and Wednesday leagues are coed, and on Tuesdays there is a Men's League. The season runs approximately from the first week of May and ends by late July. An low annual fee is required from each team to cover the costs of umpires, supplies. etc.

Existing team are always looking for free agents so if you might be interested you can e-mail for more information.

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