Chemical Handling, Storage and Disposal

Federal agencies can count on GSA's property management teams to oversee the daily operation and maintenance of federally owned buildings and leased space in a sustainable manner. The Rocky Mountain Region's system provides guidance to ensure GSA accomplishes program objectives and targets. GSA is responsible for properties owned by GSA, it is the responsibility of leased agencies to oversee leased property.

Building operations and maintenance uses sustainable chemicals everywhere possible in activities such as:

  • cleaning,
  • equipment maintenance,
  • pest and weed control,
  • snow removal,
  • renovations and alterations

GSA counts on the tenant Agency Safety Officer to keep the GSA Building Manager informed of any potential safety matters. Always follow jurisdictional local codes and keep local fire departments aware of any potential dangers in your work area(s). Chemicals are always stored in fire rated cabinet. Use placards and maintain Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDA) in a centralized location, such as a fire command center within the building or a predetermined location (e.g. mechanical room, administration area). The ideal situation is to eventually place the information on line for your local fire department to have access, in case of an incident.

The GSA at the DFC does not permit more than 50 gallons per chemical on site. The amount of Chemicals per pounds is determined by Authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) and approval is on a case by case basis. GSA's Fire Safety department, Alan Antonio (303-236-2366) or Joseph Carruth (303-236-2946), wishes to be consulted before chemicals are brought onto the Denver Federal Center (DFC).

Observance When
Chemical Awareness and Toxic Injury Month of May
Fire Prevention Week The week of October 9th
National Poison Prevention Week 3rd week of March

American Association of Poison Control Centers 1-800-222-1222

Sustainability and Environmental Management Program
Objectives Reduce reportable spills
Reduce hazardous chemical use
Limit the environmental impact
Targets Educate all personnel who handle any chemicals in their job
Zero reportable spills
Increase use of "green" products by 10% annually
Identify and repair freon leaks within 30 days

Federal, State, and Local Policy and Regulations

Additional Resources

For additional information on storage of chemicals or batteries contact either Alan Antonio or Chris Alden listed above; the following links are for general information only:


File Name Date Revised
Chemical Storage & Disposal [PDF - 302 KB] 05/14/2012
EPCRA SARA Title III [PDF - 296 KB] 05/16/2012
Grounds Maintenance-Chemical Usage [PDF - 273 KB] 06/21/2012
Hazardous Waste Management [PDF - 449 KB] 06/11/2012
Spill & Emergency Response [PDF - 215 KB] 07/22/2015

For more information about this program please contact:
Alan Antonio

Last Reviewed: 2022-03-01