Construction and Demolition Waste

Recycled aggregate at DFC used for road constructionGSA reduces waste by recycling or reusing material generated from construction and demolition projects. By reducing waste sent to a landfill, GSA reduces its impact on landfill space, while also reducing project costs. Examples of reusable materials are: aggregate, cardboard, carpeting, ceiling tiles, concrete, drywall, metal, shingles, are wood.

In the Rocky Mountain Region, a plumbing replacement project for the Denver Federal Center produced over 500 porcelain toilets slated for landfill disposal. GSA recycled them, along with debris from the demolition of eight buildings and two concrete slabs, as aggregate. Savings totaled $37,125 - from the recycling of 75,000 tons of material that was used as backfill and road base material on-site. And the community benefited too - by avoiding the traffic and other impacts from the 319 semi-truckloads of material that would have been otherwise transported through their area.

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For more information about recycling in the Rocky Mountain Region please contact Marion Buntyn at or 303-236-1977.

Last Reviewed: 2022-03-01