ISO 14001 & GSA Region 8

GSA Region 8 implemented its Environmental Management System (EMS) in 2006 at the Denver Federal Center (DFC) in response to Executive Order 13148, “Greening the Government through Leadership in Environmental Management.” Within two years Sustainability was incorporated into the EMS, creating an SEMS and the program was expanded to include GSA properties throughout Region 8. Region 8 includes Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.

GSA Region 8 adopted the ISO 14001 structure to implement its Management System. How GSA Region 8 manages the requirements outlined in each clause of the ISO 14001 is outlined in the SEMS Manual and corresponding System Procedure, attached below. GSA is looking into how best to proceed with the 2015 ISO 14001 revised standard.


4.2 Environmental Policy
4.3.1 Environmental Aspects
4.3.2 Legal and other Requirements
4.3.3 Objectives, targets and program(s)


4.4.1 Resources, roles, responsibility and authority
4.4.2 Competence, training and awareness
4.4.3 Communication
4.4.4 Documentation and 4.4.5 Control of documents
4.4.6 Operational Controls (Environmental Procedures)
4.4.7 Emergency Preparedness and Response


4.5.1 Monitoring and Measurement
4.5.2 Regulatory Compliance Review
4.5.3 Nonconformance and corrective and preventive action
4.5.4 Control of records
4.5.5 Internal Audits


4.6 Management Review

Federal, State, and Local Policy and Regulations

Additional Resources


File Name Format Size Date Revised
GSA Region 8 SEMS Manual & PLAN [PDF - 1 MB] PDF 1.41 MB 07/02/2012
GSA Region 8 SEMS System Procedures-DO [PDF - 707 KB] PDF 707 KB 07/02/2012
GSA Region 8 SEMS System Procedures-CHECK & ACT [PDF - 492 KB] PDF 492 KB 07/02/2012
Federal Environmental & Sustainability Laws and Executive Orders [PDF - 277 KB] PDF 278 KB 08/16/2013
Emergency Preparedness Response Plan [PDF - 331 KB] PDF 331 KB 08/19/2013

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