Water Management & Protection

Drought resistant plantings at the DFC Building 40

Customers look to GSA to procure utilities that are both cost-effective and environmentally responsible. GSA is dedicated to water conservation and protection. Using creative solutions based on local and regional needs, GSA maintains a balance between customer needs and environmental responsibility.

This page offers links and procedures:

  • to use water more efficiently,
  • install water fixtures that require less water usage,
  • employ native and drought tolerant plants in landscaping,
  • what to do in the event of a water break,
  • pollution prevention and water testing of our drinking water.

At the Denver Federal Center, GSA is committed to sustainable landscaping, and installing xeriscape in all new areas that are landscaped and/or renovated. The new designs include many xeric (drought-tolerant) plants and reduce lawn areas where possible.

GSA is commented to prevent water pollution, such as unlawful discharges into the sanitary sewer system, such as from broken pipes and cooling towers.

Observance When
World Water Day March 22
World Water Monitoring Day September 18
Sustainability and Environmental Management Program
Objectives Reduce water use
Prevent unlawful discharges into the sanitary sewer system.
What to do in the event of a water break
Targets Reduce water use by 2% per year or 16% by 2020. Baseline level for water usage is 2007

Federal, State, and Local Policy and Regulations

Additional Resources

Procedures and Forms

File Name Date Revised
Cross-Connection & Back flow Prevention [PDF - 346 KB] 06/21/2012
Drinking Water-Lead Testing [PDF - 187 KB] 05/16/2012
Grounds Maintenance - Water Use [PDF - 269 KB] 06/20/2012
Indoor Water Intrusion [PDF - 361 KB] 03/01/2013
Metering (Energy & Water) [PDF - 249 KB] 07/25/2012
Sanitary Sewer Discharge [PDF - 286 KB] 06/08/2012
Sustainability & High Performance Green Buildings (HPGB) [PDF - 366 KB] 06/21/2012

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