New Huntsville U.S. Courthouse

In fiscal year 2019, Congress approved funding for the construction of a new approximately 123,100-gross-square-foot federal courthouse in Huntsville, Alabama, for the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Alabama. The new courthouse will include five courtrooms and six judges’ chambers and will provide workspace for several other federal agencies, including the U.S. Marshals Service, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and the U.S Probation and Pretrial Services. Once built, the courthouse will have 26 secured parking spaces.

In addition to GSA’s work on a new federal courthouse in Anniston, Alabama, efforts to design and build the new Huntsville courthouse mark the second active federal courthouse project currently underway in partnership with the Northern District of Alabama.

Current Status

GSA’s efforts to build the new Huntsville federal courthouse are currently in the procurement phase. The project received authorization from the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on Feb. 5. 2019.

Latest Updates

GSA’s project team finalized the final Phase I Site Assessment and Limited Environmental Assessment in July 2019. A preliminary title search of the preferred site has been completed, and a boundary, topographical and utility survey is scheduled to be complete by the end of October.

The Program of Requirements (POR) was completed October 4. GSA is also in negotiations with the Bridging Architect for the project. These negotiations have concluded and GSA is tracking early November for contract award.

Next Milestones

GSA will announce the selected bridging architecture and engineering (A/E) firm once negotiations have been completed and moves to the final stage of procurement which is contract award. Award of the Bridging A/E contract and kick off of the design phase is currently planned for November. In addition, a Request for Proposal for a Construction Manager as Advisor will be issued in late December 2019.

Project Details

Total authorized funding: $86.4 million for site acquisition, design and construction services.
Project delivery method: Design-Build Bridging
Lead design architect: To be determined
Anticipated milestones (all dates are subject to change):

  • Sep. 2019 - Award of the A/E Bridging Architect
  • Sep. 2020 - Bridging Design phase complete
  • Feb. 2021 - Award of the Design/ Build Contract
  • Sep. 2021 - Construction begins
  • Aug. 2022 - Design complete (100% construction documents)
  • Feb. 2024 - Planned substantial completion

Awarded contracts:
O’Brien & Gere (Phase I Site Assessment and Limited EA) -- Awarded Feb. 2019
CEMS Engineering (Program of Requirements and BTU Survey) - Awarded April 2019

News releases

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Last Reviewed: 2019-10-30