Emergency Response and Recovery

As security planning continues to be a national priority, it is necessary for agencies to always be prepared for the unforeseen. GSA provides on-site support to the Department of Homeland Security and other response agencies, in all activities related to emergency response operations such as natural disasters, technological emergencies, terrorism consequences, resource shortages, and other disasters.

During an emergency or disaster, GSA is responsible for opening and closing federal buildings and leased locations where federal agencies are located. In the event of an emergency, federal employees should follow their own agency's emergency procedures and monitor media announcements to obtain disaster or emergency-related information. GSA will publish emergency information, when necessary, to GSA's emergency response site.

For individual, family and community preparedness tips, please consult
"Plan Ahead for Disasters".

For questions or concerns, please contact Jermaine Brown at 404-331-5708 or
Airrion Moore at 404-215-5782

Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)

Every federal agency is required to plan for the continuous performance of essential functions and operations in the event of an emergency.

A comprehensive and effective COOP plan facilitates the performance of an agency’s essential functions during any emergency situation that may disrupt normal operations. Essential functions are those that enable federal agencies to provide vital services, exercise civil authority, maintain the safety and well being of the general public, and sustain the industrial/economic base in an emergency. Part of an agency’s COOP plan for uninterrupted performance is to designate other locations—alternate facilities—where their work will continue. Contact OMA - Atlanta for more information on COOP.

GSA secures the buildings, products, services, technology, and other workplace essentials needed by federal agencies. An estimated 12,000 GSA employees support more than one million federal workers located in 8,000 government-owned and leased buildings in 2,000 U.S. communities and overseas.

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Last Reviewed: 2021-11-15