Personal Property Management

GSA can assist federal agencies with their personal property needs.

GSA Southeast-Great Lakes zone personal property management solutions

In accordance with the Federal Management Regulations, GSA can assist federal agencies with the disposition of excess personal property. This requires the agency to submit their information to GSA, within a reasonable timeframe, for mandatory utilization and donation screening. See below for specific details:

The Southeast-Great Lakes Zone Personal Property Management office partners with many federal and non-federal organizations to support the local community.

Agencies may utilize electronic reports or obtain excess personal property through:

Public agencies and eligible non-profit organizations can receive surplus property through the:

Sometimes agencies have property they need to replace with a newer, better model. The exchange/sale authority allows agencies to either trade in, or sell items and use the proceeds to buy a similar replacement item.

Educational institutions may receive excess government property below through the:

Most Department of Defense activities report their excess property to Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office. The DRMO in turn reports the property to GSAXcess for the DoD.

Federal agencies may also sell surplus personal property not transferred or donated at:

Sustainability initiatives:

The Southeast-Great Lakes Zone supports GSA’s sustainability initiatives to minimize and offset consumption of energy, water, and other resources by engaging in a number of sustainability behaviors. These behaviors include participation in Virtual Workplace, investments in recycling initiatives and engagements in green procurements. The following captures the Personal Property Management Division’s commitment to sustainability behaviors to modernize government and to improve the natural environment.

  • Through GSA Xcess program almost $160 mil of personal property was transferred to other federal agencies averting disposal to landfills.
  • Through GSA Auctions approximately $10 mil in sales of other federal agencies’ personal Property.
  • Through GSA Computers for Learning program, turned over approximately 3000 computers to schools and other non-profit organizations.
  • Eighty percent of employees Telework.
  • Enables recycling of paper, cans and other materials.

For additional information, please contact Kevin Stallings, 404-331-1110 or Deone McMillan, 404-331-0543.

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Last Reviewed: 2023-01-03