Property Management Services

For any facility related questions, concerns, or requests, clients should contact the appropriate Real Property Management Office listed below.

Property management services provided include real property maintenance and operation, tenant services, and minor repairs and alterations.

Southeast Sunbelt Region Property Management Offices

Center Contacts Locations Served
Alabama / Mississippi

Douglas Walker
Phone: 205-383-6402

Birmingham, Alabama
Alabama / Mississippi
Demetrice Wraggs
Phone: 601-718-3460
Jackson, Mississippi
Alabama / Mississippi
Kevin Lear
Phone: 334-450-0792
Montgomery, Alabama
Tennessee / Kentucky David Lane
Phone: 502-582-5074
Louisville, Kentucky
Tennessee / Kentucky Rick Hilligoss
Phone: 615-695-6811
Nashville, Tennessee
Tennessee / Kentucky Scott Hopper
Phone: 901-248-3341
Memphis, Tennessee
Tennessee / Kentucky Robert Kuti
Phone: 615-695-6819
Knoxville, Tennessee
Georgia Jimmie Kerns
Phone: 404-331-1421
Atlanta Regional
Georgia Lucious Sims
Phone: 404-562-0066
Atlanta Metro
Georgia Julius Goodman
Phone: 404-215-8770
Georgia Martin Duron
Phone: 478-257-3355
Carolinas Michael King
Phone: 704-926-7062
Charlotte, North Carolina
Carolinas Quincy Alexander
Phone: 828-271-4691
Asheville, North Carolina
Carolinas Celso Febles
Phone: 919-326-6422

Raleigh, North Carolina

Carolinas Gary Coggins
Phone: 904-463-8402
Columbia, South Carolina
Florida Jan Wright
Phone: 415-310-2631
Florida Tarali Pena
Phone: 954-233-8390
Florida Staci Newton
Phone: 850-228-1134
Last Reviewed: 2018-11-05