The Great Seal Program

Agencies looking for sources for the Great Seal - and other federal agency seals - can order them through the UNICOR (Federal Prison Industries) this is a required source per FAR 8.6. If the UNICOR Program cannot provide the required Seal, then contact the Great Seal Program, offered by GSA's Region 4 Acquisition Division. Proof that UNICOR could not provide the product will be required before GSA will be able to execute any orders. Great Seal Program Logo

Seals are available in bronze and aluminum and come in a variety of finishes. The Great Seal Program supplies customized seals to elements of the federal judicial branch and other federal agencies. The most requested finish is antique bronze highlighted in gold. Lettering can be added to personalize the seal.

These attractive seals are ideal for use in entrances to federal facilities, government offices, lobbies, corridors, and military installations. Our seals come with mounting hardware and are ready to install.

You may place your order by filling out a Great Seals form and provide either a purchase order or MOU/MOA if using a purchase card with the form, and then emailing the completed form to Government Purchase Orders and Credit Cards are acceptable methods of payment. Be sure to include your appropriation number and Billing Office Activity Code for billing purposes. See below for price list and custom options (please note prices are subject to change).

NOTE: We are not able to offer polyurethane foam seals, please contact Tihara Williams for alternate vendors. GSA does not endorse these companies, the list is provided as a courtesy to our customer base.

For additional information, call Tihara Williams at 404-224-2181

Great Seal Price List [PDF - 38 KB] , as of 4/9/2019.

Great Seal Custom Options [DOC - 169 KB] , as of 2004.

Last Reviewed: 2019-04-09