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GSA Donates $50,000 in Computer Equipment to Florida School

July 31, 2015


CONTACT: Tina Jaegerman, 817-978-2031

ATLANTA – On July 31, 2015, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) announced its donation of 50 gently used laptop computers with an original procurement value of approximately $50,000 to Endeavour Elementary Schools in Cocoa, Florida. GSA presented the equipment-- donated through the federal agency’s Computers for Learning program-- to Endeavour Elementary School Principal Rashad Wilson, and Brevard County Schools Area Superintendent Jane Cline during an unveiling ceremony. Cocoa Mayor Henry Parish, III, also attended.

Kevin Stallings, GSA Property Disposal Manager: “Providing children access to quality education is a national imperative. GSA’s Computers for Learning program helps pivot children across the country toward success by equipping them with the tools they will need to contribute and achieve. GSA is honored to make this opportunity available to Endeavour Elementary School students, while also maximizing taxpayer investments in government and our nation’s future.”

Jane Cline, Brevard County Schools Area Superintendent: “With the support of agencies like GSA, Endeavour’s students will now be better equipped to achieve the goals established within 21st Century goals and standards; ultimately preparing them as critical thinkers in an increasingly diverse workforce.”

Endeavour Elementary School Principal Rachad Wilson: “GSA’s donation truly affords our teachers the opportunity to plan ambitiously with a technological focus while reaching the underlying goal of authentically engaging our students and reaching a level of true, conceptual understanding.”

City of Cocoa Mayor Henry Parish, III: “Valued partnerships such as with the General Services Administration are important to leveraging much needed resources into some of the more disadvantaged areas of our community. Our education system is a quality of life priority that the city is committed to supporting. The additional laptops will provide the tools in the classroom needed to ensure our children are receiving an equitable opportunity and successful future.”

In the past year, GSA has transferred excess federal technology equipment valued at nearly $9 million (initial procurement value) to Florida schools and educational nonprofits through the Computers for Learning program. Nationally, the donation value over the same period reaches roughly $32 million.

The Endeavour Elementary donation event is part of a broader GSA initiative to inform schools and educational nonprofits in Florida and across the Southeast about the Computers for Learning program. Schools participating in the program can browse the available equipment by visiting, select what they need, and choose needed items. Area schools will then be able to integrate technology into the classroom and ensure that more children learn the skills that they will need to compete in the 21st Century.

The Computers for Learning program also helps GSA promote sustainability by reducing landfill disposal of electronic waste. By some estimates, re-using just one computer prevents 30 pounds of hazardous waste and 77 pounds of solid waste from entering landfills, and prevents over 17 gallons of water and 32 tons of air from being polluted.

The U.S. General Services Administration is proud to sponsor the Computers for Learning. Interested schools and educational non-profit organizations are encouraged to find more information on this program at:

Note (*) Original Procurement Value

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