Sales Rates

GSA reviews and establishes national rates for basic personal property sales services when necessary. Updates are published in a GSA Bulletin. Basic services include everything related to the actual sale of property such as description enhancements, research and marketing, posting items, specialized sales requiring bid deposits and usage certifications. (See full list below.) Charges for Value Added Services such as transportation, storage, maintenance, and reconditioning of property prior to sale are provided through a partnership with GSA Fleet and the owning agency.

Basic Services

Basic services include (some services may be applicable to specific method of sale, such as Internet, sealed bid, fixed price etc):

Auction and Spot Bid Sales

  • Cataloging of property;
  • Basic media advertising (one newspaper or equivalent);
  • Registration of bidders;
  • Auctioneer;
  • Onsite contracting officer;
  • Contract awards;
  • Preparation of award documents;
  • Collection, deposit and distribution of proceeds;
  • Financial and property line item accountability;
  • Contract administration;
  • Providing secure Internet site;
  • Posting of items;
  • Posting of photos;
  • Featured items; and
  • Maintenance of registered bidders.

Asset Sales Price
Low Range $ High Range $ Rate Per Item
$0.01 $1,000.00 $250 or award amount if less than $250
$1,000.01 $5,000.00 25% of Proceeds
$5,000.01 $25,000.00 20% of Proceeds
$25,000.01 $50,000.00 17% of Proceeds
$50,000.01 $100,000.00 14% of Proceeds
$100,000.01 $150,000.00 11% of Proceeds
$150,000.01 $250,000.00 8% of Proceeds
$250,000.01 And Higher 6% of Proceeds

Note: GSA deducts its fees from the sales proceeds. Supplemental services, including transportation, storage, maintenance, vehicle preparation security services, travel expenses, portable restroom facilities, and special media advertising are negotiated and billed separately.

To address special circumstances, contact the regional GSA Sales Office.

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GSA has special rates for servicing vehicles. There are two types:

  • Vehicles sold resulting from seized and forfeited laws. Agencies must negotiate rates.
  • GSA Vehicle sales for exchange/sale and other reimbursable sales (Federal Supply Classes 2310 and 2320 only). These prices are set:
    • GSA Conducted Sales: $275 per vehicle; and
    • Commercial Contract: $200 per vehicle plus cost of contract.

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