How To Get on HCaTS

HCaTS Small Business Pool 1 On-Ramp

Note: The HCaTS Program has released a draft solicitation notice to conduct an on-ramp to HCaTS Small Business Pool 1. This on-ramp is being conducted to increase participation and expand competition within HCaTS SB Pool 1. The HCaTS program plans to on-ramp approximately 30 new contractors with the socio-economics status. The draft solicitation is available on Federal Business Opportunities.

The HCaTS Program hosted a virtual Industry Day on August 6, 2018, in response to industry's questions and comments received from the draft solicitation. A copy of the questions and answers and the Industry Day presentation is posted on the Federal Business Opportunities.

How to Get on HCaTS

  • HCaTS is not a GSA Schedule contract, so there is no continuously open application process.
  • Getting on HCaTS is a competitive process called “on-ramping.” On-ramping will be conducted at the government discretion.
  • HCaTS on-ramping will likely be targeted to a single pool at a time.

Other Ways to Participate in HCaTS

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