How to Get on OASIS

Final Conformed OASIS Solicitation [PDF - 2 MB]
Final Conformed OASIS SB Solicitation [PDF - 2 MB]

OASIS and OASIS SB On-Ramping Requirements

“How do I get on OASIS?”

  • OASIS is not a GSA Schedule contract, so there is no continuously open application process.
  • Getting on OASIS is a competitive process that we call “on-ramping.” On-ramps can be conducted as necessary at our discretion.
  • OASIS and OASIS SB on-ramps will likely be targeted to a single pool and/or subpool at a time.

The primary reasons to on-ramp would revolve around inadequate competition levels at the task order level, mergers and acquisitions that shrink the number of vendors, customer driven request for a more focused sub-pool, and/or OASIS “small businesses” outgrowing their small business size standard after the first option period.

  • Review Section H of the OASIS contract for more details. There are multiple on-ramp procedures.

Notice for any on-ramping will be widely advertised including announcements on this page and

  • OASIS solicitations are still available on Please reference for more information.

Please see the following for pre-solicitation announcements for OASIS SB, Pool 2:

For small businesses that outgrow their size standard, on-ramps can be lateral (move from 1 Pool to another within OASIS SB as long as you are small for that Pool) or vertical (move up to the OASIS Unrestricted Pools).

For on-ramps that involve adding OASIS contractors (such as subpool development or increasing the number of contractors in a given pool beyond the original number of awards for competition purposes), a number of contracts to be awarded will be announced and the highest technically rated Offerors will receive those awards regardless of how their score compared to the original awardees.

For on-ramps that involve replacing OASIS contractors (such as mergers and outgrowing size status), you must have a proposal score equal to or higher than the lowest scoring Contractor within the Pool being applied for.

The solicitation is self-scored and then verified by the OASIS PMO. The same evaluation criteria and scoring table of the original solicitation will be used for any on-ramping procurement. The lowest scoring contractor was based on the lowest evaluated numerical score, within a given Pool in accordance with the scoring table in Section M of the solicitation (see links above), at the time of the original awards.

Below are the lowest evaluated numerical scores per Pool per vehicle. (N/A means the Pool was not filled and therefore the lowest scoring is yet to be established.)

OASIS Small Business OASIS (Unrestricted)
Pool 1: 5925 Pool 1: 7825
Pool 2: N/A Pool 2: N/A
Pool 3: 5875 Pool 3: 7575
Pool 4: 6575 Pool 4: 7550
Pool 5A: 6625 Pool 5A: 7950
Pool 5B: 6975 Pool 5B: 8325
Pool 6: 5450 Pool 6: N/A

“So what should I do now?”

Recommended Next Steps

The immediate opportunity is to become a subcontractor with an existing OASIS Unrestricted [XLSX - 131 KB] or OASIS SB [XLSX - 143 KB] prime contractor. Figure what core competencies and value your company brings to potential solutions, network with the OASIS primes, and figure out the best ways to work together.

  • Please do not use the Pool links to mass distribute capability statements or other marketing methods. Make a good first impression and don’t spam and be professional.

The best way to do this is to examine and understand the original OASIS and OASIS SB solicitations. All on-ramp solicitations will be almost identical to the original solicitations.

  • Familiarize yourself with the structure of OASIS, the Pools, the point system, relevant experience projects, pool qualification projects, etc.

The better you understand the solicitations, the more you can do now to strengthen your potential score when the right on-ramp opportunity comes available.

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