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Discovery Market Research Tool

Discovery is a market research tool for GSA's OASIS and OASIS Small Business (SB) contracts providing information on all OASIS contract holders including pool and contract family, experience, and small business socio-economic status. Discovery streamlines the process for developing scenarios for set-asides on various contract vehicles to reduce, replace or support Requests for Information (RFI), saving time and cost for the federal government and contractors.

Discovery allows federal users to:

  • Generate a listing of awarded contractors based on a primary North American Industry Classification
  • System (NAICS) code and filter for fair opportunity from a list of socioeconomic classifications;
  • Find contractor administrative information such as points of contact, as well as, lists of current and completed contract actions from the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS); and
  • Download contractor details as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file for offline use and analysis.

​How Discovery Works

Discovery pulls information from FPDS to provide context-rich contract history on awarded contractors based on primary NAICS codes. Each contract is separated into Unrestricted and SB to make it easy to reserve task orders for small business categories.

With Discovery, users can research contracts by first selecting the contract vehicle of interest and then selecting a NAICS code/description matching the requirement. This will display all of the awarded contractors in that contract pool. A pool is a separate contract with one or more NAICS assigned and a single small business size standard. Each pool has unique qualifications tied to a specific scope identified by an assigned NAICS code.

On the vendor results page, users select a primary NAICS Code to view the vendor contract history, as well as up to date System for Award Management (SAM) registration data. Discovery also loads data from the FPDS to automatically provide you with a context-rich contract history for each contractor, including the amount of the contract, the primary NAICS code and the pricing type.

Note: GSA plans to add Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) and Building Maintenance and Operations (BMO) contract data to Discovery in the near future.

Provide Feedback

If you would like to suggest improvements for Discovery or be a part of our user research, email

Launch the OASIS Dashboard

The OASIS Program created a tool that takes its data to the next level. OASIS stakeholders can now view and segment OASIS information to make better program and business decisions.

With the OASIS Dashboard, you have the ability to:

  • Explore OASIS and OASIS SB data by federal agency and industry partner, and
  • Build customized reports and download them to your computer.

Notice to Users: GSA strives to comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Some of the dashboard content presented through .swf files may not be completely accessible to users of assisted technology. If you experience technical issues, please contact BIEDW Support.

For content questions, please email OASIS Customer Support.

The shortcut to this page is

The OASIS Estimating Tool is designed to assist you in preparing the labor portion of your Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE).

The OASIS Estimating Tool User Guide [PDF - 959 KB] provides detailed step-by-step instructions.

For best results, the user must be familiar with the OASIS and OASIS Small Business contracts through self-study or by attending the Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) training. It is especially important to have an understanding of the Standardized Labor Categories and how they are priced.

At this time, the OASIS Pricing Estimation Tool is only available to OASIS customers (both internal GSA users and customer agency personnel) as well as awarded OASIS contract holders.

Accessing the Tool

In order to access the OASIS Pricing Tool, you must be registered in the GSA ASSIST Web Based application. This allows us to verify those using the application are authorized to do so, and in the future, to allow you to save, copy, and reuse information form the Pricing Tool.

FOR CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE GSA: Access the OASIS Estimating Tool. Select "Registration" and "Register Client" next to "Welcome" in the blue header and follow the instructions.

FOR CUSTOMERS WITHIN GSA: To access the OASIS Estimating Tool, please follow these instructions.

IMPORTANT: Please request access to the Contract Payment Reporting Module (CPRM) within ASSIST when registering.

FOR ALL USERS: After registering, please log in, then (if you are not already there), select the CPRM tab across the top. The OASIS Estimating Tool will be accessible from the link under the Welcome section on the lower-left of the CPRM Home page (once you log in to the GSA ASSIST application).

IMPORTANT: Currently, the indirect rates embedded in the Tool for both OASIS and OASIS SB represent the indirect rates of OASIS SB only. Version 2 (coming soon) of the tool will contain separate, indirect rate factors for both OASIS and OASIS SB.

The Contract-Awarded Labor Category (CALC) tool helps federal contracting officers and others find awarded prices to use in negotiations for labor contracts. It offers ceiling prices, fully burdened costs, services data, and worldwide rates.

A listing of OASIS DPA Location by Dept Agency [XLSX - 902 KB] which warranted Contracting Officers have received the OASIS Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) and who have trained Contract Specialists.

Below is a list of agencies that have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to use the OASIS contracts and the related reduced Contract Assessment Fee (CAF) rates.

Note: The Contract Assessment Fees rates agreed upon in each of the agency Memorandum of Understanding have been extended through FY 2018.

Memorandum of Understanding CAF Rate Percentages

Receiving Agency Negotiated CAF Rate Percentage Threshold
DOD Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy (DPAP) [PDF - 1 MB] 0.10% $500 Million
US Air Force [PDF - 83 KB] 0.10% $500 Million
US Army [PDF - 504 KB] 0.10% $500 Million
US Navy [PDF - 96 KB] 0.10% $500 Million
Department of Homeland Security [PDF - 70 KB] 0.25% $250 Million
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services [PDF - 227 KB] 0.50% $100 Million

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