PayPort Express

PayPort Express, a web-based service from GSA’s Center for Transportation Management, automates and integrates the entire audit, approval and payment cycle for freight and parcel-related expenses. Best of all, PayPort Express is free of cost for customer agencies!

Benefits of Using PayPort Express

  • Elimination of manual processing and associated costs, pre-payment audit costs, post-payment audit findings, and prompt payment interest penalties;
  • Optimization of early payment discounts;
  • On-demand, real-time view of the status of invoices, approvals and payments;
  • Ready access to transportation expense data and analytic tools that enhance both spend visibility and decision-making; and
  • Reduction in margins of error and more control over cash flows.

Enhance Audit Controls & Payment Processing with PayPort Express

GSA’s PayPort Express is built on best practices for supply chain management utilizing an industry-leading integrated freight pre-payment audit and payment platform from Syncada powered by Citibank. As a result, agencies and their TSPs can conduct business through a single portal, creating a full audit trail that ensures compliance with policies and regulatory requirements, as well as timely and accurate payments. All payment disputes can be resolved between agencies and their TSPs, all electronically.

Here’s How It Works:

  • The Bill of Lading (BOL) is electronically sent to PayPort Express via TransPort Integrator or an agency’s own transportation management system;
  • TSPs then submit their invoices electronically to PayPort Express using industry standard formats;
  • PayPort Express then performs an automated pre-payment audit to ensure the invoice passes the agency’s approved business rules
  • If the invoice passes the pre-payment audit, an electronic payment to the TSP is initiated by Citibank;
  • If the invoice does not pass the pre-payment audit, it is flagged as an exception and is visible to both the agency and TSP via PayPort Express – either party can then correct the issue electronically; and
  • Agencies receive one consolidated monthly invoice from Citibank, which contains a record of all transportation invoices for the prior month.

Get Started Today!

If you are an agency, visit our For Customer Agencies web page for instructions and ordering procedures.

If you are a TSP, visit our For TSPs web page for instructions and ordering procedures.

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