For TSPs

GSA’s PayPort Express, provided by CITI using the Syncada network, is an easy to use Web-based platform that automates and integrates the entire audit, approval and payment cycle for freight and parcel related expenses.


  • Ease of processing and quicker payment of invoices;
  • Decreased Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) from 45 days to 5;
  • Improved cash flow and liquidity;
  • Decreased costs through elimination of manual and paper-based invoicing;
  • Increased visibility into transaction status;
  • Real-time exception management between shipper/carrier, allowing for collaborative and effective resolution of invoice payment; and
  • Robust supply chain intelligence supporting audit and cost reduction programs.

Learn More

To learn more about the service, the enrollment process and to receive our Setup Package, including pricing details, contact us below:

Toll-Free: (888) 617-7173

Contact Us Directly:

Linda Tie, CITI

(212) 816-4434


Getting Started

Once you have completed and signed the Setup Package, please fax or email all documents, including bank attachment and pricing schedule, to:

Fax: (888) 451-1051

The documentation process generally takes five to seven days.

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