Construction, Road and Snow Maintenance Equipment

GSA Multiple Award Schedule 23V may be the answer to many construction equipment needs, whether what's needed is a backhoe, a snowplow, or street repair equipment. In addition to purchasing, there is an option to lease several items under GSA Schedule 23V.

GSA has two Federal Supply Schedule solutions that can fulfill your vehicle needs. Eligible customers can purchase through AutoChoice or contract with pre-approved vendors found on Multiple Award Schedule 23 V. For more information contact the CARS line at (703) 605-CARS (2277) or by email at

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Special Item Number 271 101 - Construction Equipment:

  • Tractors;
  • Loaders;
  • Excavators;
  • Crawlers;
  • Tool carriers;
  • Motor graders;
  • Scrapers;
  • Load alls;
  • Rider operated dump vehicles;
  • Rider operated ditchers/trenchers; and
  • Wheeled and tracked cranes.

Special Item Number 271 102 - Vehicle Mounted Snow Maintenance Equipment: limited to Snowplows, salt/sand spreaders, and snow blowers.

Special Item Number 271 103 - Winches and Cranes, vehicle mounted.

Special Item Number 271 104 - Road Clearing and Cleaning Equipment: limited to rider-operated sweepers/scrubbers, self-contained snowplows, snow blowers, and runway de-icing trucks, trailers, and slide-in units.

Special Item Number 271 105 - Wood chipping/Shredders, Stump Removal and Tub Grinding Equipment.

Special Item Number 271 106 - Street Repair and Miscellaneous Construction Equipment.

Special Item Number 271 107 - Equipment: leasing only applicable to special item numbers 271-101, 271-104, 271-105, and 271-106.

Special Item Number 271 108 - Spare parts and equipment: For sedans, light, medium and heavy duty trucks.

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