Fleet Services Card

GSA Fleet provides the Citibank Wright Express (WEX) Inc. Fleet card with each leased vehicle for the purchase of fuel and minor maintenance. This card program offers widespread acceptance for customer drivers as well as innovative technology behind-the-scenes to help GSA Fleet control costs.

Customer Information

How does one use the WEX Inc. Fleet Card? How does one call for emergency service? Go to the Customer Information page to find the answers to these and other questions about the Fleet Services Card.

Vendor Information

For fuel, maintenance, and body vendors looking for business with GSA Fleet, the WEX Inc. Fleet card offers multiple payment options. Please view the Vendor Information page for further details.

Driver Responsibilities

All GSA Fleet vehicle operators are responsible for the vehicle's proper use, maintenance, and protection. Abiding by the following guidelines will help GSA keep costs down and provide needed services. Please view the Driver Responsibilities page to better understand the responsibilities of one driving a GSA Fleet vehicle.

Contact Information

Fuel or any maintenance under $100 – merchants can either electronically accept the WEX Inc. Fleet card or call in the transactions to 866-WEX-4GSA or 866-939-4472 to receive a MasterCard number.

For maintenance over $100 or accident damage, phone GSA Fleet PRIOR to doing the work at 866-400-0411 and receive a MasterCard number when the work is completed.

To report fraud or request transaction data, email .

To order replacement cards visit GSA Fleet Drive-thru. Any questions related to replacement cards should be sent to .

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Image of Wright Express Credit CardThe back image of a Wright Express Credit Card

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