Ordering Guidelines

Basic Schedule ordering guidelines provide useful information to start ordering from GSA Schedules. The GSA Schedule Order: Contract File Checklist [PDF - 368 KB] may be used for the award of task or delivery orders against General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contracts (also referred to as “Multiple Award Schedule” or “GSA Schedule” contracts) and the establishment of Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) against GSA FSS contracts.

For a listing of the very latest contract award information, search GSA eLibrary (formerly Schedules e-Library) by Special Item Number (SIN), Contractor, Contract Number, Schedule Number, or Keywords. Once a Schedule is selected, a list of SINs will appear. Selecting a SIN will then display all contractors awarded under that SIN. Selecting a contractor name will then reveal detailed contractor information, including Internet and email addresses, if available. The email address will enable customers to send an email directly to the Schedule contractor to request a copy of the contractor's Schedule pricelist or any other contract information.

Customers without access to the Internet may contact the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at 800-488-3111 for a list of current Schedule contractors. Customers should consult the contractor's catalog/pricelist for more detailed ordering information, such as:

  • Contract items awarded;
  • Maximum order provisions;
  • Geographic coverage (delivery area);
  • Contract prices or discounts;
  • Quantity discounts;
  • Prompt payment terms;
  • Government purchase card terms;
  • Commercial delivery terms;
  • Expedited delivery;
  • Ordering address(es);
  • Payment address(es);
  • Warranty provisions;
  • Export packing charges;
  • Applicable terms and conditions of rental, maintenance, installation, and repair; and
  • Environmental and energy efficiency.

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