Ordering Procedures for Supplies and Services Not Requiring a Statement of Work (SOW)

The following ordering information provides a technical reference for requiring activity personnel to use in performing their duties as a Contracting Officer. Only FAR SubPart 8.4 gives us terminology appropriate for Schedule ordering.

Ordering activities must use the procedures in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 8.405-1 when ordering Schedule contract supplies (products) and fixed-price services for a specific task, where a Statement of Work (SOW) is not required (e.g.; installation, maintenance, and repair).

For Ordering Procedures for Services Requiring a Statement of Work (SOW) (e.g., when ordering Schedule contract services priced at hourly rates), please refer to FAR 8.405-2.

The below table summarizes the requirements of FAR 8.405-1.

Summary: Ordering Procedures

Services and products; where no SOW is required.

Orders that exceed the micro-purchase threshold, but not the simplified acquisition threshold:

Consider reasonably available information about the supply or service offered on the GSA Advantage!® online shopping service, review at least three Schedule contractors’ price lists, or obtain quotations from at least three GSA Schedule contractors. Evaluate them, and then make a “Best Value” determination.

Orders that exceed the simplified acquisition threshold or when establishing a BPA:

Prepare an RFQ and post on eBuy to afford all Schedule contractors the opportunity to respond, or provide the RFQ to as many Schedule contractors as practicable, consistent with market research, to reasonably ensure at least that quotes are received from at least three contractors.

Seek price reductions. Evaluate all responses and place the order, or establish the BPA with the GSA Schedule contractor that represents the best value (refer to FAR 8.405-2(d)).

A helpful checklist [DOC - 609 KB] assists ordering activities in managing Schedule orders successfully from the initial planning process, and the decision to use GSA Schedules through performance management. Refer to “Checklist A” for orders not requiring a Statement of Work. Note that each ordering activity may have supplementary ordering guidelines and requirements to be followed when placing a Schedules order.

Under subsection G of 8.405-1, under “Minimum Documentation,” the contracting officer will describe Schedules considered. Set-asides can be mentioned there. No additional documentation is required for sole source awards to Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) firms, or Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB’s).

Remember! Ordering activities placing GSA Schedule contract orders (particularly if government wide commercial purchase cards are used), should advise Schedule contractors that they are authorized Schedule users. They should also cite the appropriate Schedule contract number on each ordering document, ensuring they receive Schedule contract supplies and services at Schedule contract prices. Supplies and services ordered must be within the scope of the GSA Schedule contract.

Contracting Officers, at their discretion, may set aside orders and BPA's for small business.


At a minimum, the ordering activity must document:

  • The Schedule contracts considered, noting the contractor from which the supply or service was purchased;
  • A description of the supply or service purchased;
  • The amount paid; and
  • The basis for the award decision.

When applicable, the following must be included in addition to the foregoing:

  • If an order is in excess of $550,000, the determination of "best procurement approach" made during the planning process in accordance with FAR 17.502-1(a);
  • When an order exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold and a minimum of three offers were not received and considered, evidence of steps taken to meet the competitiveness requirements of FAR 8.405-1(d), documentation demonstrating that the attempts to obtain offers from at least three firms that could meet the requirement were adequate; and
  • Documentation, as required by FAR 8.405-6, of the circumstances and rationale for limiting consideration of Schedule contractors to fewer than three potential sources, including an approved Limited Source Justification when required.

Contractor Performance Evaluation

Ordering activities must prepare an evaluation of contractor performance for each Schedule contract order that exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold (see FAR 8.406-7 and 42.1502(c)). Ordering activities must use agency-approved feeder systems to collect and electronically submit past performance reports to the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS).

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