MAS Schedule Program Locator

The following are direct links to each of the MAS Schedule Programs which will provide additional information applicable to your specific contract Schedule. You are encouraged to bookmark the link(s) that apply to you. Together with the Welcome Package Portal, your firm will have access to everything needed to be a fully knowledgeable GSA Schedule holder.

MAS Schedule 23V, Automotive Superstore

MAS Schedule 36, Office Equipment

MAS Schedule 48, Transportation, Delivery, and Relocation Services (TDRS)

MAS Schedule 51V, Hardware Superstore

MAS Schedule 56,Buildings and Building Materials, Industrial Services & Supplies

MAS Schedule 66, Scientific Equipment & Services

MAS Schedule 67, Photo Equipment, Supplies and Services

MAS Schedule 70, Information Technology

MAS Schedule 73, Food Services, Hospitality and Cleaning

MAS Schedule 75, Office Products/Supplies and Services and New Products Technology

MAS Schedule 76, Publication Media

MAS Schedule 78, Sports, Promotional, Outdoor Recreation, Trophies and Signs (SPORTS)

MAS Schedule 81B, Shipping, packaging, Packing Supplies

MAS Schedule 84, Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, Clothing, Marine craft and Emergency/Disaster Response

MAS Schedule 599, Travel Services Solutions (TSS)

MAS Schedule 736, Temporary and Administrative Professional Staffing (TAPS)

MAS Schedule 738X, Human Resources Services

MAS Schedule 751, Leasing of Automobiles and Light Trucks

MAS Schedule 00CORP, Professional Services Schedule (PSS)

MAS Schedule 03FAC – Facilities, Maintenance and Management

MAS Schedules 71, 71IIK, 72, 78, 36, 58I For Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center

Reminder: If you have questions or require additional information relating to your contract, your primary point of contact is always your assigned Contract Specialist. If you are interested in a new Schedule contract on another MAS program, please contact the number found in the upper right hand corner of each Schedule portal page.

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