Schedules Flexibilities

GSA Schedules are a convenient, effective option for both ordering activities and Schedule contractors. Ordering activities enjoy simplified ordering procedures and reduced prices, while Schedule contractors connect with federal business quickly and easily. Additional features of the Schedules program, including Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) and Contractor Team Arrangements (CTAs), greatly enhance the flexibility of the program.

These features offer:

  • Additional price discounts for ordering activities;
  • Expanded opportunities for contractors;
  • Elimination of redundant effort, with a single contracting vehicle fulfilling complex or ongoing needs;
  • Reductions in administrative time and paperwork;
  • Expanded business opportunities for socioeconomic groups; and
  • Help for ordering activities wishing to reach socioeconomic goals.

Flexible Features

More about these GSA Schedules features can be found at the pages described here:

  • Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) – GSA Schedules simplify the acquisition process. BPA's improve on this convenience by allowing one or more vehicles to satisfy ongoing needs for the same supplies or service(s). This option saves time for both ordering activities that enjoy reduced prices on high-volume buying, and Schedule contractors who enjoy the continued benefits of regular sales. Note that award of multiple BPAs for continuous competition is preferred in FAR Part 8.405-3.
  • Contractor Team Arrangements (CTAs) – CTAs enable greater options for both ordering activities and contractors. Through CTAs, Schedules contractors can meet government agency needs they would not otherwise be able to meet individually, allowing contractors to expand business opportunities. Ordering activities have the convenience of a single solution for a wide range of requirements, precluding the need to negotiate with multiple contractors.
  • Small Business Utilization – Small businesses succeed with the Schedules program by establishing CTAs, BPAs or subcontracting opportunities with larger businesses. These options also assist ordering activities and large businesses with GSA contracts to meet their socio-economic procurement goals.
  • GSA Reverse Auctions – A government-managed platform and marketplace that government customers can use to save money on acquisitions of non-complex commodities and simple services. It is available for the purchase of products, services, and solutions offered through GSA Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) and Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs).

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