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As a busy acquisition workforce professional, you need best-value solutions that save time, and leave more budget for your agency’s mission. Take advantage of our Schedules training. It provides an interactive learning experience, integrating web 2.0 and social media technology.

Our training offers continuous learning points (CLPs) that may count toward your contracting certification and continuing education. You’ll learn how to effectively use the Schedules program to meet your requirements, use our tools to enhance competition, achieve small business utilization, procure sustainable acquisitions, and much more.

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Below are GSA Schedules courses available 24/7 on demand:

This comprehensive training course covers Federal Supply Schedules contracting and ordering procedures. It addresses placing orders against Multiple Award Schedules, as outlined in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 8.4. In this course you will learn about the unique flexibility within the GSA Schedules program. Including four (4) CLP credits, the course is approximately three-to-four (3-4) hours.
This specialized training course focuses on GSA Global Supply’s requisition-based ordering for thousands of products. From office supplies to tools and cleaning products, GSA Global Supply makes it easy to find and buy common-use items that fulfill all federal procurement guidelines. Learn about ordering and payment options that make purchasing easy and efficient. This two (2) CLP credit course is approximately one-to-two (1-2) hours.
This training course defines and describes small business in the federal marketplace and how socioeconomic goals can be achieved using the GSA Schedules program. Learn the rules for set asides and how to best ensure small business participation following rules established in FAR Subpart 8.4. This two (2) CLP credit course is approximately one-to-two (1-2) hours.
This specialized course will teach you about sustainability goals governmentwide, and the ways GSA Schedules can help achieve those goals. Learn how “green” purchasing, using the GSA Schedules program, will help your organization save money, time, and resources. This two (2) CLP credit course is approximately one-to-two (1-2) hours.
This course will familiarize you with commonly-used methods of acquisition: issuing task or delivery orders under GSA’s Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) (FAR Subpart 8.4), and the Simplified Acquisition Procedures of FAR 13 or negotiating a stand-alone contract under FAR Part 15. This course will explore the differences and similarities between Subpart 8.4 and Parts 13 & 15 procedures, advantages and disadvantages for various situations, and help you analyze the alternatives as you develop your acquisition strategy. This two (2) CLP credit course is approximately one-to-two (1-2) hours.
In this course, you will learn how Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) leverage an ordering activity’s buying power in taking advantage of quantity discounts, saving administrative time, and reducing paperwork. You will also learn about Contractor Team. Arrangements (CTAs) and how they can benefit the customer and the contractor by saving time and effort. CTAs allow increased flexibility for meeting agency needs through the simplified procedures of the GSA Schedules program. This two (2) CLP credit course is approximately one-to-two (1-2) hours.
In this course, you will learn about the GSA eBuy program, and how it functions to benefit both the government buyer and the vendor. Learn how to use this electronic Request for Quote (RFQ) tool. This two (2) CLP credit course is approximately one-to-two (1-2) hours.
Federal agencies are required by statute and executive order to purchase certain products with specific environmental or energy attributes. “Green purchasing” or “sustainable acquisition” refers to purchasing products with these attributes, and purchasing services under which these products will be supplied or used. In this course, we will examine additional options for minimizing the environmental impact of your acquisitions beyond requiring the use or supply of green products. It is possible to incorporate environmental considerations into any acquisition, regardless of size, scope, type, or complexity. This two (2) CLP credit course is approximately one-to-two (1-2) hours.
This course is designed for ordering agencies that require GSA Schedule services. The GSA Schedules program offers a vast array of services and products, and offers a streamlined way to acquire these services. This course provides ordering activities with valuable information about the services available through GSA Schedules, how to find them, and the procedures and requirements that apply when ordering these cost-effective service solutions. Offering four (4) CLP credits, this course is approximately three-to-four (3-4) hours.

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GWAC Courses

Other CLP-accredited courses are offered for GSA's IDIQ contracts that provide total IT solutions. Please visit the GWAC training site for additional information.

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