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GSA Global Supply has published its 2018 Supply Catalog, featuring over 5,300 office supplies, furniture, tools and cleaning supplies, many of them identified as products of our strategic sourcing initiative. These items may be ordered through any mechanism (MILSTRIP, phone, fax or online). Visit our publications site to view an electronic version of the catalog.

Printed Index

For customers with limited Internet access, we have printed an Index Supplement. This 68-page document lists all 5,300 National Stock Numbers (NSN) from the catalog, along with item names, units of issue and prices, along with the relevant page number in the full catalog. Visit our publications site to view or request a copy of the Index Supplement.

GSA Global Supply provides federal users, military or civilian, worldwide access to common-use items like office products, tools and cleaning supplies. Users can requisition items and pay with a government purchase card or through direct billing via an Activity Address Code (AAC/DoDAAC). Multiple ordering methods are available to maximize customer options. In recent years, GSA Global Supply has modernized its business model as described below.


As of August 8, 2016, GSA's ordering sites (GSA Advantage and GSA Global Supply) now require customers using a purchase card to buy GSA Global Supply products validate their orders by entering their Activity Address Code (AAC) or Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DoDAAC). The AAC/DoDAAC is a six character, alphanumeric identifier that is unique to each federal agency and location. With customer feedback, we’ve determined that this new AAC/DoDAAC requirement exceeds what is needed. These changes are already coded in the system that was launched on Monday, August 8, so they will remain in place for a short while. As an interim solution, we’ve created a set of general-use, temporary AACs by agency for civilian customers to use until this requirement is removed from the system. The list of Interim Civilian Agency AACs [PDF - 106 KB] provides access to this information. DoD customers should reference their Central Service Point POC listing for assistance confirming your DoDAAC. Customers may still use the purchase card to pay for the pending transaction, but it will not be processed without a valid AAC. The AAC will be saved in the user profile so this is a "one-time" task. See our AAC Mandate FAQ [PDF - 66 KB] for additional information.

GSA Global Supply's New Business Model

GSA Blog Post: Former Acting Assistant Commissioner Bill Sisk posted a message on June 30, 2015, that touches on the evolution of the GSA Global Supply business model, and the modernization of the traditional concept of a "requisition." The blog post was prompted by the recent award of National Stock Number contracts under the FSSI Office Supplies Third Generation (OS3) Requisition channel, for use by GSA Global Supply customers starting in late 2015.

Features of the new model include

  • Direct delivery of products from our vendor partners for greater speed and lower cost;
  • Lower prices through incorporation of Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative partners for Office supplies, Maintenance, Repair & Operating (MRO) items and Janitorial/Sanitation (JanSan) products;
  • Enhanced IT platforms to improve customer visibility regarding order status; and
  • Streamlined product offering following reassignment of FSG 80 (paint, sealant, etc.) and wildland fire items to DLA;

What does not change

The tables below contain a variety of reference documents that may assist customers with these transitions. The first contains general items related to the changing business model. The second is focused on the items that transitioned to DLA.

Reference Documents in GSA’s Evolving Business Model

Reference Documents regarding Items Transitioned to DLA

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