GSA Global Supply™ Overview

Expanded Product Offering

Beginning in July 2018, GSA Global Supply will dramatically expand its product offering. We aim to provide access to roughly 500,000 additional items, identified with part numbers instead of National Stock Numbers (NSNs). These products will be available through all ordering mechanisms and will carry the same benefits as our NSN items. Since all items are simple requisitions and require no comparison shopping, we think you’ll appreciate the greater selection.

As a small step toward that launch, we are adding a few thousand new items now. This allows us to test the GSA Global Supply™ and GSA Advantage!® websites and our order processing systems before the major launch in summer 2018.

If you have questions, please call our National Customer Service Center at 800-488-3111 any time between 9:00 p.m. Sunday and 9:30 p.m. Friday (ET).

Still Available

GSA Global Supply has published its 2018 Supply Catalog, featuring over 5,300 office supplies, furniture, tools and cleaning supplies, many of them identified as products of our strategic sourcing initiative. These items may be ordered through any mechanism (MILSTRIP, phone, fax or online). Visit our publications site to view an electronic version of the catalog. Design is underway on the 2019 Supply Catalog. It will be available, online and in print, during Q4 of FY 2018.

Printed Index

For customers with limited Internet access, we have printed an Index Supplement. This 68-page document lists all 5,300 National Stock Numbers (NSN) from the catalog, along with item names, units of issue and prices, along with the relevant page number in the full catalog. Visit our publications site to view or request a copy of the Index Supplement.

GSA Global Supply provides federal users, military or civilian, worldwide access to common-use items like office products, tools and cleaning supplies. Users can requisition items and pay with a government purchase card or through direct billing via an Activity Address Code (AAC/DoDAAC). Multiple ordering methods are available to maximize customer options. In recent years, GSA Global Supply has modernized its business model as described below.

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