OPM's Employee Express

Office of Personnel Management's (OPM) Employee Express (EEX)

The General Services Administration (GSA) uses the OPM hosted EEX.

Specific benefits of EEX include:

  • A secure Section 508 compliant site for the visually and hearing impaired;
  • One page, printable and downloadable Earnings and Leave Statement;
  • No more waiting for the paper statements to arrive in the mail;
  • Personal data is more secure with the elimination of paper statements;
  • Pay, Leave and Benefit functionality all from one website;
  • Online PIN changes; and
  • You can make changes to your EFT, Address, and Tax information.

For GSA and customer agencies that use GSA's Comprehensive Human Resources Integrated System (CHRIS), additional benefits include:

  • Access to Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB);
  • Access to change FEHB status due to a Qualifying Life Event;
  • Access to change contributions to the Thrift Savings Plan; and
  • Access to change contributions to the Thrift Savings Plan Catch-Up.

Personal Identification Numbers (PINs):

GSA and client agency employees use their EEX PIN to access their earnings and leave statement and payroll data. If a GSA or client agency employee has forgotten their EEX PIN or is unsure if they received a PIN, a new PIN can be requested online at www.employeeexpress.gov. The new PIN will be sent back to the employee either via email or to their payroll address on file depending on the request method they choose.

New Hires at All Client Agencies: New hires will be mailed a PIN from OPM to their payroll address on file. New hires can expect to receive their PIN from OPM within 10 business days after the end of the first full pay period they are on board with their agency.

Below you will find three Power Point presentations that will assist you in accessing EEX, obtaining your PIN, and accessing your new earnings and leave statement.

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